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there if you like. *'''Baisha Mural''' Baisha village was once Lijiang's political, economic and cultural center. The existing55Baisha murals here, Baisha murals due to absorption of Han Chinese painting fine brushwork, succinct, fusion of Tibetan Buddhist painting in the smooth beautiful style, and there is no lack of Naxi nationality character in the wild, it became the mural art treasures. *


Monet . He was struck by their modern, bold alla prima technique and outdoor scenes, so far removed from the studio. To survive following graduation, Helleu took a job with the firm Théodore Deck Ceramique Française hand-painting fine decorative plates. At this same time, he met Giovanni Boldini, a portrait painter with a facile, bravura style, who became a mentor and comrade, and strongly influenced his future artistic style. DATE OF BIRTH December 17, 1859 PLACE OF BIRTH

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