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date May 2010 the town hall was constructed. This Baroque edifice, inaugurated in May 1745, was destroyed at the end of World War II. Russian forces occupied the town during the Seven Years' War and built a small Orthodox church there. The event is commemorated by the equestrian statue of Empress Elizabeth (Elizabeth of Russia), unveiled in 2004. In June 1807, Pillau was stormed by Napoleon's Grand Army. No outstanding events took place during the rest of the 19th century. Records


a historical museum dedicated to one of Mexico's colorful Independence era heroes. * Take some time to stroll around, particularly near the Cathedral. * Listen to a concert by the Morelia Boys Choir at the spectacular Conservatory of the Roses. The group is modeled on the Vienna Boys Choir, and their director is a former maestro from Vienna. * Find out about local festivals. Morelia frequently hosts outstanding events, like a regional foods festival in late fall, and music or cultural festivals at other times of the year. You can often find out about these through Morelia's tourist bureau web site. Visit the Santuario de Guadalupe (also known as the Templo San Diego) between the last week of November and December 12. For two weeks, Mexico celebrates the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Morelia's celebration is a classic! Buy Casa de Artesanias is located on Plaza San Francisco. Reserve your shopping until you visit there, this is where the local artists display their wares. The Mercado de Dulces was created about thirty years ago, and it features candy as well as inexpensive souvenirs. The Museo de Dulces, located on Av. Madero between the Cathedral and the Tarascan Fountain is definitely worth a stop. More than just a museum, it contains a coffee shop and offers the widest variety of candies as well as demonstrations of candy-making. Eat Morelia is one of the most exciting places in Mexico for innovative yet traditionally based cuisine. Avoid chain restaurants in Morelia because the wealth of outstanding restaurants not only offer unique regional flavors found nowhere else in Mexico, they are shockingly affordable for the quality they deliver. Regional dishes unique to Morelia and surrounding Michoacan include: * '''Sopa Tarasca''': Smoothly pureed bean soup base spiced with piquant dried chiles and swirled with a touch of slightly soured creme mexicana, it’s a bean soup that will change the way you think of bean soup. Similar to Sopa Azteca. * '''Enchiladas Morelianas''': Enchiladas in Morelia are ''nothing'' like enchiladas in any other part of Mexico. In Morelia, they’re based on chicken and potatoes, but they explode with rich flavor from a slow, deep-seated chile spiciness and deep red color that comes from the careful use of guajilla chile. Budget Some chains like Subway and Burger King are present on the square and throughout the city, for those who prefer to avoid culinary adventure. The dining room on the 3rd floor above the department store on the square is interesting to visit and has very good food. In the tourist and historic centre, many restaurants may have an English menu available. Be prepared to pay in pesos. As usual, to get the best authentic Mexican food at authentic prices, you will need to leave the core centre. Here are a few good taquerías that are well known to locals (and for good reason!). *'''Taquería del Infierno''' offers fantastic food with very rapid service. Many plates come with a roasted onion (cebolla asada), but if yours doesn’t, make sure to ask for an “orden de cebollitas”. Tacos and quesadillas starting at 7 pesos. Av. Lázaro Cárdenas No. 2630, Chapultepec Sur. '''Los Camineros''' is another fave amongst locals and totally lives up to its slogan, “El placer del buen taco” (the pleasure of a good taco). A great vegg option is the quesadillas con rajas (peppers) into which you can stuff pieces of your side order of cebollitas. Their meat “volcanoes” rock as well. Just off the main drag at Teniente Isidro Aleman 570, in Chapultepec Sur. *'''Tacopolis La Huerta''' is in the south end of the city, on La Huerta (the road leading to Patzcuaro), shortly before you get to the mall area (Walmart, Office Depot, Home Depot, Cinépolis). They offer a great range of salsas to accompany your quesadillas, tacos, alambra (massive meat overdose for the hardcore travellers only!). Their chipotle and avocado salsas are awesome. The hard-to-find vegetarian alambra is a nice vegg option when you are tired of quesadillas, but theirs, made with mushrooms, peppers, pineapple and optional cheese, is fairly bland. Here they serve flour, not corn, tortillas. Wireless available. *'''Los Carboncitos''' offers “¡¡Un Taco bien Carbón!!” with hand-made flour or corn tortillas. Their red salsa, made with roasted red peppers, is a fantastic addition to their quesadillas con adobera, a firm cheese that is fried on the grill. Ask for a side of fried onions that come with the meat dishes to add to your quesadillas. Tacos starting at 6 pesos, quesadillas starting at 7 pesos. In the southwest of the city about 1 km east of La Huerta on Universidad, on the side street Valle de Guayangareo No. 31-A in Colonia Valle Quieto. Closed Sundays. Mid-Range Outdoor patio dining under the city’s historic portals is casual, fun and affordable. The dining room of the Best Western is good and a bit cheaper than the more sophisticated fare outside the Hotel Virrey de Mendoza. Splurge * '''Las Fonda de las Mercedes''' is one of the most elegant and sophisticated dining rooms in the city. It is dramatic and romantic with an atmosphere of 16th century colonial grace punctuated by 21st century touches. The cuisine is nouveau Mexican, blending traditional elements harkening back to the pre-Colombian era with international influences to create a fusion that is nothing short of culinary orgasm. You can experience master culinary craftsmanship in this 5-star restaurant for no more money than buying a steak at an Outback. Who would ''ever'' eat in chain restaurants in Morelia?? * '''Las Trojes''' is an elegant steakhouse in the upscale neighborhood of Camelinas. The restaurant uses only certified Angus beef, cooked to perfection. The service is attentive yet friendly, and no detail is overlooked. Even the bread is spectacular at Las Trojes — delicately crispy baguettes accompanied by a spicy bean and herb spread. Drink There are several bars in the city center that come to life starting around 11PM * WikiPedia:Morelia Dmoz:Regional North_America Mexico States Michoacan Localities Morelia Commons:Category:Morelia

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