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intrview_Kristian_Lundin_Interview.html title Interview with KRISTIAN LUNDIN, songwriter producer for Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Celine Dion and NSync date January 7, 2003 publisher Hit Quarters accessdate March 5, 2011 Spears originally recorded the vocals for the song in March 1998, at Battery Studios in New York City, New York. They were later re-recorded in April 1998 at Cheiron Studios, and used on the album version, while the original vocals were used on the "Bonus Remix"


or the Senate (Senate of the Republic of Poland). As of 2010, it has 3 councillors and 2 members of regional parliaments. 2009–present: ''X-Factor'' and ''Real Love'' In 2009, Connor contributed to a re-recorded version of Enrique Iglesias' duet "Takin' Back My Love," replacing American singer Ciara's original vocals on the song. Released as the second single from Iglesias' 2008 ''Greatest Hits (Greatest Hits (Enrique Iglesias album))'' album in German-speaking Europe, Poland and the Czech Republic, it reached the top ten of the German Singles Chart. WikiPedia:Poland Commons:Category:Poland Dmoz:Regional Europe Poland


of their sound was the complex texture provided by the piano, Hammmond organ and synthesizers played by the Nocenzi brothers, plus the original vocals delivered by Francesco Di Giacomo. A careful balance of electronic and acoustic instruments, plus the use of reeds (played by some of the members of the band, in addition to their usual instrument), made the sound of Banco increasingly original and innovative, with a blend of rock, jazz and classical music which did not however forsake the Italian melodic tradition. '''Le Orme''' (Italian: "The Footprints") is an Italian (Italy) progressive rock band formed in 1966 (1966 in music) in Marghera, a ''frazione'' of Venice. The band was one of the major groups of the Italian progressive rock scene in the 1970s (1970s in music). They are one of few Italian bands to have success outside their own country, having played concerts across North America and Europe, and releasing an album in English (English language) at the height of their success. '''Licia Maglietta''' (November 16, 1954) is an Italian (Italy) actress, known for her role in the film ''Pane e Tulipani (Bread and Tulips)'' ("Bread and Tulips"). She also appeared in the title role in ''Agata e la Tempesta'' ("Agatha and the Storm") (2004). In J-Terms students are able to engage in several academic activities, such as internships, trips, and classes. Some typical J-Term class are Organic Chemistry, Geometric Adventures, and Epidemiology. Non-science programs are also offered, such as a Learning to Quilt, Contemporary Issues & Debate and Literature Course on Harry Potter. Locations for off-site J-terms include Bahamas, China, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, Ireland, Italy and Spain. '''Italy''' was the host nation for the '''2006 Winter Olympics''' in Turin. It was the second time that Italy had hosted the Winter Games (after the 1956 Winter Olympics in Cortina d'Ampezzo) and the third time overall (after the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome). Italy's flag bearer for the opening ceremony was figure skater Carolina Kostner. Kostner's cousin, Isolde Kostner, was Italy's flag bearer at the 2002 Winter Olympics. * 2004 (2004 Alpine Skiing World Cup) Hahnenkamm (Hahnenkamm, Kitzbühel) in Kitzbühel, Austria: 1st place in Super G, becoming the first American champion ever in that race. * 2005 World Championships (FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2005) in Bormio, Italy: Silver Medal in Downhill behind Bode Miller, completing the first 1-2 finish for American men ever at the Worlds (Alpine World Skiing Championships). ** Bronze Medal in Giant Slalom (Giant Slalom skiing). thumb right 300px Italy Italian (Image:Petacchi MSR 2005.jpg) sprinter (Sprinting specialist (cycling)) Alessandro Petacchi winning the 2005 Milan – San Remo The '''2005 Milan – San Remo''' was the 96nd edition of the monument cycling classic race Milan – San Remo. It was held on March 19, 2005, and saw the first win of Italian (Italy) rider Alessandro Petacchi in the Via Roma in a bunch sprint. thumb right 300px Italy Italian (Image:Petacchi MSR 2005.jpg) sprinter (Sprinting specialist (cycling)) Alessandro Petacchi winning the 2005 Milan – San Remo The '''2005 Milan – San Remo''' was the 96nd edition of the monument cycling classic race Milan – San Remo. It was held on March 19, 2005, and saw the first win of Italian (Italy) rider Alessandro Petacchi in the Via Roma in a bunch sprint. thumb right 320px Renaissance façade of the palace. (Image:Palermo-Castle-bjs-1.jpg) The '''Palazzo dei Normanni''' (in English, Palace of the Normans) or '''Royal Palace of Palermo''' is a palace in Palermo, Italy. It was the seat of the Kings of Sicily during the Norman domination and served afterwards as the main seat of power for the subsequent rulers of Sicily. Today it is the seat of the regional parliament of Sicily (Sicilian Regional Assembly). Things turn for the worse when he is pitted against Turati, a grandmaster from Italy, in a competition to determine who would face the current world champion. Before and during the game, Luzhin has a mental breakdown, which climaxes when his carefully planned defense against Turati fails in the first moves, and the resulting game fails to produce a winner. When the game is suspended Luzhin wanders into the city in a state of complete detachment from reality. For his activities in the Nazi Party, which was banned in Austria, Hofer was arrested in June 1933 and sentenced by a Tyrolean court to two years in prison. On 30 August 1933, however, four armed SA (Sturmabteilung) men broke into Hofer's prison cell by force and freed him. He fled the prison amid gunfire, which wounded him. He made it to Italy, however, and only a few weeks later gave a speech at the Nuremberg Party Congress from his stretcher. Career Born in Iaşi, she studied law at the University of Iaşi. Bîrlădeanu was a popular television host before accepting her first film role in 2004. In 2005 she played a nurse in the award-winning feature ''The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu''. In 2006 she guest starred on the hit United States television show ''Lost (Lost (TV series))'' in the episode "The Hunting Party (The Hunting Party (Lost))", as Gabriela, a wealthy Italian (Italy) woman. In 2005, she starred in the horror movie ''Incubus (Incubus (2005 film))''. She is rumored to be a favorite for the role of Wonder Woman in an upcoming Warner Bros. film. We learn that the Marquise is the daughter of a Colonel G., who was in charge of the citadel of the town M. Some time earlier, when the Napoleonic Wars came to Italy, the citadel was overrun by Russian forces, and in the confusion, the Marquise found herself about to be raped by a gang of Russian soldiers. However, she is saved by the Russian commander of the attack, Count F., who appears to her like an angel. After he brings her to safety she falls unconscious. The Count then completes the business of the storming, rescuing gunpowder and putting out a fire, attaining the surrender of the last pockets of resistance and garrisoning the fort with his own troops. He leaves before the Marquise can thank him. They receive news shortly thereafter that he has been killed in the nearby fighting. His last words are reported as “Giulietta, this bullet avenges you!” ("''Julietta! Diese Kugel rächt dich!"'' in the original German). The Marquise is intrigued that someone the Count knows so well should have the same name that she does, Giulietta.


Tartar Mix ", performed by the all-girl group Berryz Kobo and featuring Dschinghis Khan's original vocals.

United States

through to the late 1960s, but left after recording the album ''The Alan Bown!'' His vocals (human voice) were re-recorded by his replacement Robert Palmer (Robert Palmer (singer)) for the UK (United Kingdom) release of the album, although Roden's original vocals remained on the U.S. (United States) release. Roden later appeared as a backing vocalist to Palmer on his 1983 appearance on ''The Tube (The Tube (TV series))''. '''Sada Carolyn Thompson

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