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Avenal, California

in Kings County with a population of 4,600. Growth continues today to include a more diversified economy based on oil, agriculture, and the service industry. In 1978, Avenal citizens voted to incorporate. The presence of the Avenal State Prison helps this rural community maintain economic stability, especially as the once-productive Kettleman North Dome Oil Field reaches exhaustion (less than one-half of one percent of its original oil remains). 2010 The 2010 United States Census<

Encarnación de Díaz

consists mostly of murals as well as a number of the buildings original oil paintings. The walls still contains phrases written on them when it was a school, with positive messages about women. thumb Municipal library (File:LibraryEncarnacionDiaz01.jpg) The '''Dr. Pedro de Alba Auditorium''' was construction in the late 19th century by the church as a parochial school for boys. The facade is characterized by walls divided by pilasters made of brick on bases with oval windows and arches. The interior contains a concert hall and a gallery which are dedicated to temporary events. The vaults of the auditorium had a mural called Evolución del factor feminino (Evolution of the feminine factor) by artist Francisco Pérez; however, this was painted over in 2010. This was the request of Cardenal Juan Sandoval and Bishop José María de la Torre from Aguascalientes, due to images of nude women according to the newspaper Reforma. It was approved by the former municipal administration at a cost of 450,000 pesos. Mexican mummies are also on display in the small town of Encarnación de Díaz, Jalisco. - 036 Encarnación de Díaz Encarnación de Díaz -

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