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Dearborn, Michigan

washfile-english 2005 June 20050602172516xbtterrets0.4066889.html Detroit Islamic Center Open Largest Mosque in United States Brittany Sterrett. June 2, 2005 Accessed August 19, 2007. Profile of the U.S. Muslim population, Dr Barry A. Kosmin & Dr Egon Mayer, 2 October 2001 Approximately half (50%) of the religious affiliations of Muslims is Sunni, 16% Shia, 22% non-affiliated and 16% other non-response. http: assets pdf muslim-americans.pdf Muslims of Arab descent are mostly Sunni (56%) with minorities who are Shia (19%). Bangladeshis (90%), Pakistanis (72%) and Indians (82%) are mainly Sunni, while Iranians are mainly Shia (91%). Of African American Muslims, 48% are Sunni, 34% are unaffiliated (mostly part of the ''Community of W.Deen Mohammed''), 16% other (mostly Nation of Islam and Ahmadiyya) and 2% Shia. In Dearborn, Michigan, the home of one of the largest Muslim and Arab populations in the United States, some fast food restaurant chains such as the McDonald's Corporation have introduced halal chicken nuggets. He later worked for a concrete company in Philadelphia, retiring as vice president of sales. * Coldwater (Coldwater, Michigan) - ''Daily Reporter'' Dearborn, Michigan Dearborn - ''Dearborn Times-Herald'' * Dearborn - ''Iraq Sun'' parallel, Ford developed a new version of the GT40. The Mark II was developed by Ford subsidiary Kar Kraft in Dearborn, Michigan Dearborn under the direction of Roy Lunn. The Mk IIs were powered by a 7.0 L engine based on a Ford Galaxie block. As there was no gearbox available on the market which was able to sustain the torque, the car featured a new 4-ratio Kar Kraft gearbox. Two Mark IIs were entered by Shelby. The cars were finished in a hurry; as there was no time to run a fuel consumption test, Shelby did not know the real fuel consumption of the 7.0 L Mk II.

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