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: promseng.htm#claude publisher Senglea Local Council accessdate 5 October 2014 The emperor ordered the Viceroy of Sicily, Juan de Vega, to dismantle Mahdia despite it being a strategically important stronghold. The demolition tasks were carried out by Hernando de Acuña. Shortly after Mahdia was reoccupied by the Ottomans, but only to live by fishing and oil-works, and the town lost its logistic and commercial importance. It remained under Turkish rule until the 19th century. During the Nazi Occupation of Tunisia in World War II, Mahdia was the site where Khaled Abdelwahhab hid approximately two dozen persecuted Jews (Tunisian Jews). Climate '''Philip of Mahdia''', of Greek (Greeks) origin, was the emir of Palermo, the second ''ammiratus ammiratorum (Admiral)'', and successor of the great George of Antioch. He was a eunuch who rose through the ranks of the royal ''curia'' in Palermo until he was eventually one of King Roger II's most trusted men. On George's death in year 546 of the Hegira (Hijri year) (AD 1151 or 1152), Roger appointed him to the highest post in the kingdom. In 1060 Pisa engaged in its first battle with Genoa, and the Pisan victory helped to consolidate its position in the Mediterranean. Pope Gregory VII recognized in 1077 the new "laws and customs of the sea" instituted by the Pisans, and Emperor Henry IV granted them the right to name their own consuls, advised by a Council of Elders. This was simply a confirmation of the present situation, because in those years the marquis had already been excluded from power. In 1092 Pope Urban II awarded Pisa supremacy over Corsica and Sardinia, and at the same time raised the town to the rank of archbishopric. Pisa sacked the Tunisian city of Mahdia in 1088. Four years later Pisan and Genoese ships helped Alfonso VI of Castile to force El Cid out of Valencia.


painting pastels most notably in the years 1943, 1944, and 1949. He then began producing oil works painted in so-called 'subdued colors' from 1945 to 1952, marking the "gray phase" of his work. 1953 is considered to be the turning point in Konjovic's painting style. He works began to be defined by more pure intensive colors and glow, leading to the period dubbed the "coloristic phase." New artistic orientation culminated and was to characterize the works of the "associative phase" (1960-1984). At that time Milan Konjovic engaged himself in the work of the artists' colonies of Vojvodina. In 1985 began the "Byzantine phase" with works treating various themes from Byzantine history. The first post-war national tournament was a hastily organized week-long competition in cup format from September 3 until September 9, 1945. Each federal unit (socialist republic) within FPR Yugoslavia gathered a representative team. There were six teams representing Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia), Serbia and Slovenia, one team representing the autonomous region within Serbia, Vojvodina, and the final team being the Yugoslav People's Army (Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija (Yugoslav People's Army)) football team. thumb 250px The steeple of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church (Image:Prigrevica, Catholic Church 02.jpg) '''Prigrevica''' (Пригревица) is a village located in the Apatin municipality, in the West Bačka District of Serbia. It is situated in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The village is located 9 km east from Apatin. Population of Prigrevica counts about 4,781 people (2002 census), mostly ethnic Serbs. WikiPedia:Vojvodina Dmoz:Regional Europe Serbia Vojvodina


as a subsidiary of Portuguese company SACOR) was nationalized and split in two, forming '''Sonangol U.E.E.''' and '''Direcção Nacional de Petróleos'''. Directive 52 76 instituted Sonangol as a state-owned company with a mandate to manage the country's substantial petroleum and natural gas. Using the extant remains of Texaco, Total (Total S.A.), Shell (Royal Dutch Shell) and Mobil's oil works, Sonangol obtained the assistance of Algerian Sonatrach and of Italian Eni

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