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oil nearby


there were no noteworthy events in this location, which was characterised at the time as "a shabby little Arab village of mud huts, clustered on the banks of a foul-smelling stream." Barker, A.J. ''Afrika Korps'', p. 16. Bison Books, 1978 The village grew into a prominent town after the Second World War for two reasons – the discovery and exploitation of oil nearby and the birth of Muammar Gaddafi in 1942 in a tent at Qasr Abu Hadi, some The '''United Nations Democracy Fund''' (UNDEF) was established by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan in July 2005 at the African Union Summit in Sirte, Libya, as a United Nations General Trust Fund under his authority.The Fund was launched by Prime Minister of world's largest deomocracy Shri Manmohan Singh and the then US President George Bush for promotion of democratic values Its primary purpose is to support democratization (democracy) throughout the world. UNDEF finances projects that build and strengthen democratic institutions, promote human rights, and ensure the participation of all groups in democratic processes. * The Executive Council of the African Union, meeting on March 7 and March 8, 2005 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), decided to propose that Africa is represented by two permanent members of the Security Council of the UN. These representatives will need to have the same rights as the other council members, notably the veto power. * A summit of the African Union was held in Sirte (Libya) on July 4 and July 5, 2005. The African heads of states requested the G8 to totally cancel the debt of all African countries, and demanded that the continent is represented by two permanent members of the UN Security Council.

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