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the sick person, and another representing the “curandero” or shaman-healer with a bird in his hand at the center. Around them are various animals: a lizard, a millipede, a snake, a bull, a donkey, a spider, a scorpion and a frog, each of which has a cigarette tied to its back. These animals represent the various aspects of nature. Tradition states that certain illnesses are due to “bad air” or to supernatural forces that become offended if certain courtesies are not observed. One of these courtesies is to greet and or offer food to an ant hill when walking by. Another is to make offering in ravines and other places where water flows. Most of these beliefs have pre-Hispanic roots. Food Traditional dishes include pipian (mole (sauce)) (both red and green), tamales, various types of beans and tlacoyos. One local bean is called “ayocote” which is large and dark red. Avocado leaves are used to flavor food and dishes often feature tomatoes, tomatillos, nopals and a plant called huanzontle. Cecina from the nearby town of Yecapixtla is popular as well. Geography, climate and nature thumb Cerro Sombrerito as seen from the atrium of the monastery (File:SombreritoAtrioTlayacapan.JPG) The municipality consists of the main town of Tlayacapan and 31 populated communities, which cover an area of 71.52 km 2 . Music Most of the state's traditional music is associated with corridos. The corrido is sung and played in many parts of Mexico. Those performed in Morelos belong to the "suriano" (southern) type, which can be complicated but, unlike the northern version, is not meant for dancing. The lyrics of this type of corrido generally haveeight syllables per line forming stanzas of five verses each. This type of corrido dates back before the Mexican Revolution, but the tradition has waned. One band noted for saving traditional melodies and songs is the Banda Tlayacapan, based in Tlayacapan in the north of the state. This band was formed in 1870 and is the state's oldest band organization. In popular music, the best known composer from the state is Arturo Márquez, who was born in Álamos, Sonora, but has lived in Cueravaca for a long time. He is known for his danzones (danzón). Gonzalez, pp. 19–20 - 026 Tlayacapan Tlayacapan - The plot follows an American mercenary who gets mixed up with a nun and aids a group of Juarista (Benito Juárez) rebels during the puppet reign of Emperor Maximilian (Maximilian I of Mexico) in Mexico. Frayling (1992), p. 7 Smith (1993), p. 76 The film featured both American and Mexican actors and actresses, including being filmed in the picturesque countryside near Tlayacapan, Morelos.


. It does more poorly in rural areas, notably areas where its rival, CPNT (Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition), is strong. It also does poorly in industrial or poorer urban areas; for example it won only 9.33% in the Pas-de-Calais, a department formerly dominated by coal mining, in 2009.


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