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Shuyang County

level *The Legend of Consort Yu Media Television All the national television networks in Mainland China broadcast high definition digital (High-definition television) service in Shuyang. The pay TV is available as cable television in metropolitan area. The government funded community station is run by Shuyang Radio and Television. Infrastructure Health There are 44 hospitals in the county. The People’s Hospital of Shuyang, with 1000 healthcare workers, is the first hospital in Shuyang. Founded in 1936, it is the largest public hospital in Shuyang and is a teaching institution. The hospital has a capacity of 1260 beds. Another large hospital in Shuyang is the TCM Hospital of Shuyang with a capacity of 980 beds. Shuyang is famous for its private hospitals. All the hospital in suburbs and towns were privatized. The lager private hospitals include Central Hospital, Renci Hospital, and Xiehe Hospital. Transport Category:Cities in Jiangsu Category:Populated places established in the 6th century BC Category:County-level divisions of Jiangsu

Puerto Cabezas

for the Atlantic coast of the country. National

television and radio stations broadcast warning messages to alert the public, and emergency crews were dispatched in case conditions were to warrant intervention. This helped with the effective and timely clearing of hospitals, as well as the evacuation of residents in high-risk zones. A tropical storm warning was posted for the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua on September 15, extending south from Puerto Cabezas and including the adjacent islands. ref name

Bo, Sierra Leone

, as the gauge Sierra Leone Government Railway from Freetown through Bo (Bo, Sierra Leone) to Kenema and Daru (Daru, Sierra Leone) with a branch to Makeni closed in 1974. The country does not share rail links with adjacent countries, Guinea (Transport in Guinea) and Liberia (Transport in Liberia). Economy Freetown is the economic and financial center of Sierra Leone. The country's national television and radio stations, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting

Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara , Cuba, was a Cuban (Cubans) welterweight boxer (boxing). Paret won the world welterweight title twice in the early 1960s and died in 1962 following an unsuccessful attempt to defend the crown in what is considered to be the first ring death witnessed by a national television audience.


Benin–Russia relations at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Glele continued his father's successful war campaigns, in part to avenge his father's death, in part to capture slaves. During his rule he sustained Dahomey's renaissance as a center of palm oil sales and slave trade. Glele also signed treaties with the French (France), who had previously acquired a concession in Porto-Novo from

Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station

is estimated) in order to provide a quantitative estimate of the roughness of the ground to compare with coloration on Landsat satellite (Landsat program) images. Additionally, the crew hosted for a short period two journalists from Russian National Television (NTV) who collected footage of the station and its crew during the simulation. File:FMARS Crew 7 Geology 2002-07.JPG thumb upright alt Geologist Nell

El Alamein

, and despite their offers to help, they received orders from GHQ to abandon the assault. Some days later they made it back to Kufra. *Great War: Nonne Boschen, Ypres, Somme, Vittorio Veneto, Megiddo (Battle of Megiddo (1918)) *Second World War: Calais, El Alamein, Kohima, Pegasus Bridge, Normandy, Italy 1943-45, Anzio *Imjin, Korea, Iraq 2003 (Iraq War) According to a 2007 German national television series, "Rauff’s mission to exterminate


for Channel NewsAsia date 2006-09-11 terr chan 10 6 UHF (TVRI Medan) 47 UHF (TVRI Nasional) terr serv 11 Batam (Batam Island) terr chan 11 6 (1) UHF (TVRI Nasional) 6 (2) UHF (TVRI Batam) right 200px thumb The television tower of state-owned TVRI at its headquarters in Jakarta (Image:TVRITower.jpg) In 1961, the Indonesian government decided to include to establish a national television station as part of the preparations for the 1962 Asian Games to be held in Jakarta. Later that year, the Television Preparation Committee was formed. In October, President Sukarno ordered the building of a studio in Senayan, Jakarta and two television towers. TVRI broadcast its first test transmission, of the Indonesian Independence Day celebrations from the Merdeka Palace (Istana Merdeka) transmission on 17 August 1962. TVRI went on the air with a television set broadcasting stations started Sign-on transmission first on air launched coverage live television broadcasting studios event of the 1962 Asian Games opening ceremony on 24 August 1962 officially names Televisi Indonesia (TV Indonesia). Two years later, the first regional broadcasting station opened in Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta (city)), Semarang, Medan, Surabaya, Makassar, Manado, Batam, Palembang, Bali (Denpasar) and Balikpapan. - Batam Commons:Category:Batam

Socialist Republic of Macedonia

including numerous appearances on the national television (Macedonian Radio-Television). nowrap 1991-09-08 After a referendum, the Socialist Republic of Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia nowrap 1944-08-02 During the Greek Civil War, he was active in the National Liberation Front (NOF) (National Liberation Front (Macedonia)). After the defeat of the Democratic Army of Greece, he fled to SFRY in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, in the city


companies, TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and web portals are based in Sofia, including the Bulgarian National Television, bTV (BTV (Bulgaria)) and Nova TV (Nova Television (Bulgaria)). Top-circulation newspapers include ''24 Chasa'', ''Trud (Dneven Trud)'' and ''Kapital Daily''. Tourism thumb left Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (File:AlexanderNevskyCathedral-Sofia-6.jpg) Sofia is one of the most visited tourist destinations

национална телевизия - Новини (Bulgarian National Television - News) publisher accessdate 2012-09-02 language Bulgarian As of 2012, the system has of track. Six new stations were opened in 2009, two more in April 2012, and eleven more in August 2012. Construction works on the extension of the first line are underway and it is expected to reach the airport by 2014. A third line is currently in the late stages of planning and it is expected

television public television station founded in 1959. It began broadcasting on December 26 the same year. The headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. BNT 1 is run by the Bulgarian National Television. founded 1990 headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria key_people Michael Donsky (Managing Director) The production was stopped when the Soviets (Soviet Union) decided to move the production line in the Soviet Union, allegedly after a high ranking

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