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commercial development along the freeway (Parkedale Avenue parallels Highway 401 between exits 696 and 698; the Stewart and Parkedale area includes grocers, big-box department stores, fast food and chain hotels as well as the 1000 Islands Mall). Eat * Various national fast-food franchises (McDo, Harvey's, Burger King, KFC, Swiss Chalet) are located near Highway 401 exit 696 (Stewart and Parkedale). There is a food court in the 1000 Islands Mall. *


. Other club is the Atlético Rio Negro Clube, called "Galo da Praça da Saudade" (Remembrance Square Rooster) or "Barriga Preta" club (Black Belly), also founded in 1913, but in November, which is the second largest holder of state titles, and the National Fast Club, the Tricolor of the Boulevard" or "roll", founded in the early 40 years from a dissident's National Football Club, which has won six state championships, in addition to being Northern Region champion and North-Northeast Championship runner-up in 1970. There is also San Raimundo Sports Club – the Typhoon Hill (Tufão da Colina), founded on November 18, 1918, participant of the Series B (2nd division) of the Brazilian Championship until 2006, when it was demoted. It is a 7-times states champion, 3-times North Cup champion. 2014 FIFA World Cup Manaus was chosen in 2009 to be a host city for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, after a competition to represent the North Region of Brazil with neighboring state capital Belém (Belém, Pará). Manaus has been restructured in order to host such a big event. A new airport has been built, streets throughout the city have been repaved and new and improved sidewalks have been built. The communications infrastructure of the city has been improved with 4G networks installed by the biggest mobile phone carriers in Brazil. The Vivaldão, previously the largest stadium in Manaus, was inaugurated in 1970 by the Brazilian national team in their last game in the country before they headed to the World Cup in Mexico. It was demolished to be replaced by the 44,000 seater Arena Amazônia for the 2014 World Cup. Vivaldão Stadium The first 2014 World Cup match held in Manaus was England vs Italy (2014 FIFA World Cup Group D#England vs Italy) on June 14. The second match was Cameroon vs Croatia (2014 FIFA World Cup Group A#Cameroon vs Croatia) on June 18, to be followed by USA vs Portugal (2014 FIFA World Cup Group G#United States vs Portugal) on June 22. The last was Honduras vs Switzerland (2014 FIFA World Cup Group E#Honduras vs Switzerland) on June 25. Manaus, known for its intense heat and humidity, was the site of the World Cup's first ever official water break on June 22 in the match between Portugal and the United States. Brazilian jiu-jitsu Manaus is the origin of several world-champion Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts, mixed martial artists and submission grapplers. Champions such as Fredson Paixao, Wallid Ismail, Saulo Ribeiro, Cristiane De Souza, Alexandre Ribeiro, Ronaldo Souza, and Bibiano Fernandes hail from Manaus. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a major component of MMA (mixed martial arts). Jose Aldo (born September 9, 1986) is the current UFC World Featherweight Champion and a black-belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Aldo defeated Mike Brown (Mike Brown (fighter)) at WEC 44 to win the title and has since successfully defended his title against Urijah Faber, Manvel Gamburyan, Mark Hominick and Kenny Florian. International relations Twin towns – sister cities Manaus is twinned (Twin towns and sister cities) with: class "wikitable" - valign "top" * 20px (File:Flag of Brazil.svg) '''Belém''', Brazil * 20px (File:Flag of the United States.svg) '''Charlotte''', United States * 20px (File:Flag of Brazil.svg) '''Goiânia''', Brazil * 20px (File:Flag of Japan.svg) '''Hamamatsu''', Japan * 20px (File:Flag of Israel.svg) '''Jerusalem''', Israel (Positions on Jerusalem) * WikiPedia:Manaus commons:Manaus

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time, which starts 12:00 to 13:30, the dry summer sun can be scorching. To spend time comfortably while waiting for the sun to mellow at around 15:30, hang around at the public library across from the National Museum about 4 or 5 buildings down from the US-sponsored reading room. There are old English language newspapers still in circulation. Or better still, surf the net for free from the six Internet stations. Eat There are no McDonald's restaurants nor any multi-national fast food


-Burger'' (and its varieties X-Salad, X-Tudo, etc.) is not as mysterious as it sounds: the pronunciation of the letter "X" in Portuguese sounds like "cheese", hence the name. * Large chains: The fast-food burger chain ''Bob's'' is found nationwide and has been around in the country for almost as long as McDonald's. There is also a national fast-food chain called ''Habib's'' which despite the name serves pizza in addition to Arabian food (and the founder is Portuguese

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