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Deco architecture? ...that '''Johannes Bugenhagen''' introduced the Protestant Reformation to Pomerania and Denmark in the 16th century? *'''Ma gaisa''', the popular dance music genre commonly known as Damara Punch, has produced household names like Stanley, Phura and Raphel & Pele (Marurus di Gereseb), all with Welwitchia Music Production, Swakopmund, Axue and Om Backos. The genre was derived from Damara (Damara (people)) traditional music


. Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews exist in several of the larger cities; Bogotá has five synagogues. http: ColombiaSynagogues.shtml Germans (German people) settled in parts of Santander (Santander, Colombia), including Bucaramanga. They also brought the accordion to Valledupar, which would become a key instrument in the very popular vallenato music genre. '''Barrancabermeja''' is a city and municipality (Municipalities of Colombia) in Santander Department, in northeastern Colombia. It is located on the banks of the Magdalena River in the Middle Magdalena region, 110 km west of Bucaramanga. Founded in 1536, Barrancabermeja is home of the biggest petroleum refinery in Colombia, which is owned by the state company Ecopetrol. Petroleum farming and services comprise most of city's economic activity. birth_date WikiPedia:Bucaramanga commons:Bucaramanga


* Dhimitër Anagnosti, People's Artist of Albania, cineast, and former ''Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports'' born in Vuno. * Christos Bekas, Greek Army (Hellenic Army) general in the Greek War of Independence (1821–1830). Banac, Ackerman, Szporluk, Vucinich, 1981: p. 46 * Panos Bitsilis, revolutionary. * Vasil Bollano, former mayor of Himarë and President of the organization of the Greek minority (Greek minority in Albania), "Omonoia (Omonoia (organization))". * Pyrros Dimas, the world-famous Greek (Greeks) weight-lifting athlete, whose nickname is "the Lion of Himarë". He is the only weight-lifter in the world to have won four Olympic medals. Three of his medals are gold (1992 Summer Olympics, 1996 Summer Olympics, 2000 Summer Olympics) and the last one, from the Athens 2004 Olympics (2004 Summer Olympics), is a bronze. * Christos Armandos Gezos, novelist and poet. * Kostas Kaznezis, Greek Army general in the Greek War of Independence. Banac, Ackerman, Szporluk, Vucinich, 1981: p. 46 * Spiro Koleka (1908–2001), long-serving member of the Politburo of the Party of Labour of Albania, one of the few members of the Greek minority serving in the Socialist People's Republic of Albania political system. Pettifer James, Poulton Hugh. ''The Southern Balkans. Minority Rights Group, 1994, ISBN 978-1-897693-75-9: "some Greeks rose to high positions under the one party state, with an ethnic Greek, Spiro Koleka, from the minority southern village of Himarë" * Petro Marko, one of the most famous Albanian writers of the post World War II era. Marko, Petro. Intervistë me vetveten (Retë dhe gurët) (memories). OMSCA, 2000. 99927-40-33-7 * Zachos Milios (1805–1860), Greek Army (Hellenic Army) officer and revolutionary. * Paskal Milo politician *Neço Muko, famous Albanian musician of the 1920s and creator of the ''avaz himariote'' music genre that became identified with Himarë. * Robert Ndrenika, actor * Andon Qesari, actor and director * Sotiris Ninis football player of Parma F.C. (Serie A) * Athanasios Pipis (-1821), revolutionary of the Greek War of Independence, from Vuno. * Spyromilios (1800–1880), Greek Army general and politician. * Spyros Spyromilios (1864–1930), Greek Gendarmerie officer, declared the region's autonomy (1914). * Pyrros Spyromilios (1913–1961), Greek Navy (Hellenic Navy) officer and director

Santiago de Cuba

Lupe" Yoli'' from Find A Grave – The Bronx, New York, 29 February 1992), Giro cites 28 February 1992 as the date of death. was a Cuban-American singer of several musical genres: boleros, guarachas and Latin soul in particular. Known for her energetic, sometimes controversial performances, she is considered by many to be one of the leading singers in the salsa music genre. Career La Lupe was born in the barrio of San

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

;vertical-align:top; background:#ffffec;" Robinson, Jessica (Jessica Robinson (country singer)) Country music singer Robinson has achieved some success nationally in the country music genre. - style "vertical-align:top; background:#ffffec;" Robson, Jim (Jim Robson) Broadcaster Born in Prince Albert, Robson was a radio and television broadcaster for the Vancouver Canucks from 1970 to 1999 and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, the B.C. Hockey Hall of Fame

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

''), Eloy (''Shanti'') and Henry (take your pick), a line that can be traced backwards to Mahler, Bruckner and Beethoven." writes Dan Warburton of the ''Paris Transatlantic Magazine''. ''Computer Music Journal'' states that Schrader’s “music withstands the test of time and stands uniquely in the American electronic music genre.” - #98 Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) WJAC-TV 6 DT2 Atlantic Broadband 110 Former Adelphia Communications Corporation

Olympia, Washington

"drrock" headquarters 3000 Pacific Avenue S.E. Olympia (Olympia, Washington), Washington (Washington (U.S. state)), United States latd latm lats latNS - 195 align "left" Olympia (Olympia, Washington)-Lacey (Lacey, Washington), WA UA 143,826 238.1 91.9 603.9 1564.2 -


administers the whole Saya de Malha Bank as part of its Exclusive Economic Zone, despite the fact that only a small portion of it lies within its Exclusive Economic Zone. '''Sega music''' or '''Séga''' is the major music of the Mascarene Islands: Mauritius (Music of Mauritius), Réunion (Music of Réunion) and Rodrigues as well as of the Seychelles (Music of Seychelles). Sega is similar to the Réunionnais music genre maloya. Another form of dance similar to the sega

Equatorial Guinea

brought the accordion to Valledupar, which would become a key instrument in the very popular vallenato music genre. '''October 12''': '''Columbus celebrations (Columbus Day)''' in various countries in the Americas; '''Sukkot''' begins at sunset (Judaism, 2011); National Day in '''Equatorial Guinea''' (1968) and '''Spain (Fiesta Nacional de España)''' (1492); ''' Our Lady of Aparecida Our Lady Aparecida's Day

Youngstown, Ohio

Alan Freed landed his first broadcasting job at WKST, before moving on to nearby WKBN (WKBN (AM)) Youngstown (Youngstown, Ohio), Ohio, followed by WAKR Akron (Akron, Ohio), and then WJW (WKNR) Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) — the station where Freed is credited with first using and popularizing the term "rock and roll" to describe the music genre. By the 1970s WKST was owned by Faye and Herb Scott, formerly based in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and held in the name of Great Scott Broadcasting. Great Scott purchased FM station WFEM in Ellwood City (Ellwood City, Pennsylvania), and it became WKST-FM on January 1, 1988. In the late 1990s, after the death of the Scotts, Great Scott decided to concentrate on its radio holdings in Delaware, and it sold WKST and WKST-FM to Jacor for $2.5 million dollars in December 1998. '''WLOA''' (1470 AM (AM broadcasting)) is a radio station licensed to Farrell, Pennsylvania. It serves the Sharon, Pennsylvania and Youngstown, Ohio areas. Though licensed to Farrell, WLOA transmits from a facility on South State Line Road in Masury, Ohio. The Farrell city limit is across South State Line Road in Pennsylvania. url http: Archive-BC-YB-IDX 60s-OCR-YB 1961-YB 1961-62-BC-YB-for-OCR-Page-0293.pdf accessdate July 25, 2011 The station was founded by Sanford A. Schafitz, a native of the Youngstown (Youngstown, Ohio) area, doing business as Farrell-Sharon Broadcasting Company. Schafitz also started up WWIZ (WDLW) in Lorain, Ohio. He was involved in the launching of WXTV-TV (WYTV) in Youngstown in 1955. After graduating from Youngstown's East High School (East High School (Youngstown, Ohio)), Battisti served as an army combat engineer in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was later commissioned as an officer in military intelligence. Upon his return from Europe, he studied law at Ohio State University and Harvard Law School. He was born in the village of Brier Hill, now part of Youngstown, Ohio, an industrial town located near the Pennsylvania border. Beede was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States, a steel-manufacturing center located near the Pennsylvania border. He attended the city's South High School, where he was class president and played football. In his senior year, Beede received a football scholarship to Newberry College, in South Carolina. He later transferred to Pittsburgh's Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University), where he studied structural engineering and played football. Early years Dove was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States, a steel-production center located near the Pennsylvania border. Dove was a three-year starter at the city's South High School from 1936–38; and he was selected as an all-city player by the ''Youngstown Vindicator'' (the local daily paper) in his final year.

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