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worthwhile, though the journey there may be more spectacular than the villages - you drive into the Atlas mountains, and are only 1 km from Algeria. Multiple natural swimming pools and waterfalls are along the drive. Bring swimming trunks and a towel. If you do go, and are up for a hike, a beautiful 4.5 km gorge runs from Mides to Tamerza, and is worth the walk. Hiring a guide should cost no more than 40-50 dinar total (per guide), though they may price the hike per person. Syndicated, official

Burlington, Vermont

Charleston , South Carolina - ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center 120px (File:ECHOBurlington.JPG) Burlington (Burlington, Vermont) Chittenden (Chittenden County, Vermont) Multiple Natural history, maritime history and ecology of Lake Champlain - - Ethan Allen Homestead Museum Burlington (Burlington, Vermont) Chittenden (Chittenden County, Vermont) Historic house Ethan Allen Homestead ref

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