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of the hominoids: inferences from multiple independent DNA sequence data sets url http: cgi reprint 14 3 248 journal Molecular Biology and Evolution volume 14 issue 3 pages 248–265 year 1997 pmid 9066793 Early estimates indicated that the human lineage may have diverged from that of chimpanzees about five million years ago, and from that of gorillas about eight million years ago. However, a hominid skull discovered in Chad in 2001, classified


the executive power and is composed of the Prime Minister of Kosovo as the head of government, the deputy prime ministers, and the ministers of the various ministries. The Judiciary of Kosovo is composed of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court of Kosovo) and subordinate courts, a Constitutional Court (Constitutional Court of Kosovo), and independent prosecutorial institutions. There also exist multiple independent institutions defined by the Constitution and law, as well


author Londo JP, Chiang YC, Hung KH, Chiang TY, Schaal BA title Phylogeography of Asian wild rice, ''Oryza rufipogon'', reveals multiple independent domestications of cultivated rice, ''Oryza sativa'' journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. volume 103 issue 25 pages 9578–83 year 2006 month June pmid 16766658 pmc 1480449 doi 10.1073 pnas.0603152103 url http: content 103 25 9578.long (See "Origins" section directly above for the latest updates) - India, Republic of New Delhi '''Bharôt''' ভাৰত '''Bharot''' ভারত '''India''' '''Bhārat''' ભારત '''Bhārat''', '''Hindustān''' भारत, हिंदुस्तान '''Bhārata''' ಭಾರತ '''Hindōstān''' ہندوستان '''Bhārat''' भारत ''' Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India

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countries. Smith C. Wayne. ''Corn: Origin, History, Technology, and Production.'' Wiley Series in Crop Science, 2004, p. 332. As opposed to multipath propagation, bandlimited channels are present in both wired and wireless communications. The limitation is often imposed by the desire to operate multiple independent signals through the same area cable; due to this, each system is typically allocated a piece of the total bandwidth (Bandwidth (signal processing)) available

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