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implemented to attract this business). The city retains a significant retail trade for the region, which supports many local businesses. thumb right Front of the palace of the Governor of the state of Quintana Roo (Image:Chetumal-1.JPG) in Chetumal A large indoor mall, the Plaza de las Américas, houses a modern movie theater (which belongs to the Mexican chain Cinepolis), various department store chains, fast-food outlets, and a Chedraui supermarket. In addition to its retail economy, Chetumal


local cultural clubs. The city has 3 modern movie theaters - "Salut" (a very old building, was the first cinema in Cherkasy), "Ukraine", and "Dnipro Plaza". Кинотеатры Черкасс на Recreation thumb 230px right Park Peremohy (Victory Park) in summer (File:Парк Перемога1.JPG) Cherkasy is famous as a ''green city''. The main parks are Park Peremohy


email address Kalliotie 6 lat 65.0246 long 25.4827 directions Tuira region, northern-side of Oulu river phone 08 554 2711 tollfree fax hours price Admission €7.5-10. Sets of 5 tickets are available for 37€, bringing the price per admission down to €7.4 to all shows except for 3D movies, which cost extra content The oldest still functioning (yet very modern) movie theater in Oulu, Star movie theater features '''3D digital movies'''. Most of the movies shown on the theater's three screens are original English versions and are subtitled in Finnish and Swedish, though some children's movies are dubbed in Finnish. Star has been nominated as Finland's most disabled-friendly establishment in 2007. * commons:Oulu

La Paz

. Considered among the best for serious fans of the music. Cinemas * '''MegaCenter''', (''in the entrance to Irpavi in the "Zona Sur"''), From downtown you must go on public transportation. * '''MultiCine''', 2631 Avenida Arce, (a couple of blocks south of Plaza Isabel de Catholica), Brand new multiplex cinema with 1 3D screen. Shows current Hollywood blockbusters. * '''The Cinemateca Boliviana''', Guachalla and Federico Suazo St''). Most modern movie theater in the city. You can see new mega-releases as well as local films and international festivals. * Commons:Category:La Paz Wikipedia:La Paz, Bolivia

United States

for a series of U.S. postage stamps. '''Robert "Bob" M. Peak''' (May 30, 1927 – August 1, 1992) was an American (United States) commercial illustrator best known for innovative design in the development of the modern movie poster. Chongqing Nankai Secondary School has a teaching staff of about 200, including 90 senior teachers, 9 special-graded teachers and 9 research fellows. Over 105 young teachers have a Master's Degree or above

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