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Kurgan Oblast

mainly on the basis of subindustries associated with processing of agricultural products and assembly and packaging of finished products. The food industry is well developed here, with meat-packing plants, mill (Mill (grinding))s, creameries, and powdered-milk factories. Modern large-scale industry began developing during World War II, when sixteen enterprises from western regions of the country were evacuated here in 1941-1942


tributaries; the western part is drained by the upper reaches of the Mahi River. Ujjain was the political, economic, and cultural capital of the region in ancient times, and Indore is presently the largest city and commercial centre. Overall, agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Malwa. The region

United States

, Michigan , United States, along with the one at Hyechon College in Daejoen, South Korea (Daejeon), have the highest number of bells in the world: 77. Modern large carillon edifices have been erected as stand-alone instruments across the world, for instance the Netherlands Carillon at Arlington National Cemetery. The carillon in the Church of St Peter, Aberdyfi, Gwynedd, Wales is often used to play the famous 'Bells of Aberdovey' tune. Nomenclature

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