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is now one of the biggest modern acts from Germany and the biggest in 20 years. It was during this time that Niagara teamed up with the Detroit gallery CPop in 1996. Her first exhibits "All Men Are Cremated Equal" (1996) and "Faster Niagara, Kill...Kill" (1997) were breakout shows which garnered her regional praise . Soon art periodicals such as Juxtapoz were heralding her as "The Queen Of Detroit" and many successful exhibits would follow in other cities like


Toronto rock promoters John Brower and Kenny Walker organised a festival held at Varsity Stadium on 13 September 1969, around the notion of a revival of rock and roll stars from the 1950s, booking Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, and Gene Vincent. Mark Lewisohn. ''The Complete Beatles Chronicle''. London: Hamlyn Publishing, 2000, ISBN 0-600-60033-5, p. 331. They also booked more modern acts such as Alice Cooper, Chicago (Chicago (band)), and The Doors, and contacted Lennon to see if he would be willing to be the Master of Ceremonies. Lennon responded that if he came over at all, it would be to play. Lewisohn, p. 332. A touring company premiered the work in Canada on January 12, 1925 at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto. Other Canadian productions were given by the Variétés lyriques in 1937 and another in 1945, in French, and by Theatre Under the Stars (Theatre Under the Stars (Vancouver)) in 1940, Melody Fair in 1951, and the Eaton Operatic Society in 1959. In recent decades, it has been produced by the Light Opera of Manhattan several times in the 1970s and 1980s, the Shaw Festival in Canada (1981), Light Opera Works of Illinois (1987), and Ohio Light Opera in 2003. Church service Ballard was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Melvin Russell Ballard Sr. and his wife Geraldine Smith Ballard. Richardson, Matthew O. (Matthew O. Richardson) "M. Russell Ballard" in Arnold K. Garr, Donald Q. Cannon and Richard O. Cowan, ed., ''Encyclopedia of Latter-day Saint History'' (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2000) p. 74, ISBN 9781573458221 Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto

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