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Santiago de Cuba

, Cuba. Sur Caribe '''Sur Caribe''' is a band from Santiago de Cuba. Its director Ricardo Leyva who composes most of the songs, joined it in 1987. '''Israel Hernández Planas''' (born January 7, 1970 in Santiago de Cuba) is a Cuban judoka. At the 1992 (1992 Summer Olympics) and 1996 Summer Olympics he won bronze medals in the men's Half Lightweight (60–66 kg) category. Member

News , ''USA Judo'', June 29, 2006 '''Estela Rodríguez Villanueva''' (born November 17, 1967 in Santiago de Cuba) is a retired Cuban judoka. She won silver medals at the 1992 (Judo at the 1992 Summer Olympics) and 1996 Summer Olympics (Judo at the 1996 Summer Olympics), both in the Half Heavyweight (over 72 kg) category. Cox lived in Santiago de Cuba. The writer and journalist Richard Harding Davis wrote his novel ''Soldiers

Republic of Ireland

of the Boyne Bridge, page 4 In 2006 the bridge won the Excellence Award (Civil) from the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland. ACEI Excellence Award (Civil) 2006 The bridge was built from 2000 to 2003 and was designed by Roughan and O’Donovan, who were awarded the ACEI Presidential Award in 2005 for the design. ACEI Member News '''Seán Lester''' (28

New Zealand

Hawaii to New Zealand. In addition to the sustainable management of ocean resources, the agreement includes the world's largest marine protected areas and sanctuaries for whales, dolphins, turtles and sharks. Life before politics Born

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