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). Their mineralization from 12 to 60 g l. They are an excellent method of stimulation of different organs and systems, render desensitizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing action. Medical water, named "Berdyanskaya" does not concede to such known salutary mineral waters as "Kuyalnitskaya" and "Mirgorodskaya". Water "Berdyanskaya" stimulates secretory apparatus of digestive tract, makes anti-inflammatory effect, improves formation and bile allocation. It renders


; - Kisfaludy gallery; - Ipoly Hotel - Cisztercita Abbey; Gyógy tér; - Heart Hospital, Kossuth medical water source; - Kúr Salon - Horváth House; - Lujza Blaha Mansion; - House of Borok; - Round Church; - Jókai museum; - Dőry villa - Astoria; - Lóczy Lajos High School; - P. Horváth Ádám Kastély - School of Music; - World War II Memorial; - City ​​Hall, - Red church; - Market Hall; - Shopping street; - Library; - White Church; - World War I memorial; - Greek Village; - Aqua Park; - The Conference


http: email address Tiszaligeti sétány lat 47.16685 long 20.193708 directions phone +36 56 379-701 tollfree fax +36 56 513-785 hours M-F 5:45-20:00, Sa-Su 8:00-20:00 price One-day ticket prices: Adults: 1,650 Ft, Students retired: 1,045 Ft content The lido has sport pools, massage, fitness, and sauna facilities, thermal and medical water. *


, gravel, granite, clay, thermal (geothermal energy) medical water, rare metals, mineral water, oil (Petroleum) (over 60 billion tons), and natural gas reserves. Climate Ingushetia's climate is mostly continental. *''Average January temperature'': . *''Average annual temperature'':

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