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Saginaw, Michigan

;incubator" thumb 215px A faceoff during the game (Image:OHL-Hockey-Plymouth-Whalers-vs-Saginaw-Spirit.jpg) The 2005-2006 Ontario Hockey League (w:Ontario Hockey League) season kicked off to a start Wednesday night at Wendler arena in The Dow Event Center (w:The Dow Event Center) in Saginaw, Michigan, USA (w:Saginaw, Michigan) with the Saginaw Spirit (w:Saginaw Spirit) hosting the Plymouth Whalers (w:Plymouth Whalers), with over 4,600 people attending. The Whalers won 7 - 2. A high school student is in custody tonight after the alleged shooting of another student in the second floor hallway of a Saginaw (w:Saginaw, Michigan) High School in Michigan (w:Michigan) Thursday. According to Saginaw Public Schools spokesperson Michael Manley, the incident occurred during the lunch period at Saginaw High School (w:Saginaw High School).

Dayton, Ohio

biomimicry or biomimetics are more preferred in the technology world in efforts to avoid confusion between the medical term bionics. Coincidentally, Martin Caidin used the word for his 1972 novel ''Cyborg (Cyborg (novel))'', which inspired the series ''The Six Million Dollar Man''. Caidin was a long-time aviation industry writer before turning to fiction full time. owners Cox Enterprises headquarters 1611 South Main Street Dayton (Dayton, Ohio), Ohio 45409

Food and Drug Administration

, a now-defunct medical term for pre-AIDS illness) on March 20, 1987. The time between the first demonstration that AZT was active against HIV in the laboratory and its approval was 25 months, one of the shortest periods of drug development in recent history. Other In 2000 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two endoscopic (endoscopy) devices to treat chronic heartburn. One system, Endocinch, puts stitches in the LES to create

United States

, in 1908. The generic name is derived from the Greek (Ancient Greek) words '''''αγκυλος''''' '''''ankulos''''' ('curved') and '''''σαυρος''''' '''''sauros''''' ('lizard'). Brown intended this name in the same sense as the medical term ankylosis, to refer to the stiffness produced by the fusion of many bones in the skull and body, so the name is often translated as 'stiffened lizard.' The type species is ''A. magniventris'', from the Latin ''magnus'' ('great') and ''venter

, California, United States. It is one of four high schools in the Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD). '''Omphalitis''' is the medical term for infection of the umbilical cord stump in the neonatal (neonate) newborn period. While currently an uncommon anatomical location for infection in the newborn in the United States, it has caused significant morbidity and mortality both historically and in areas where health care is less readily available

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