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Verdun, Quebec

Park area in the far west of the town was built starting in 1945, in a more suburban style unlike the orthogonal grid used in the rest of Verdun. The Verdun Natatorium was built in 1930, the Verdun Hospital in 1932, and the Verdun Auditorium in 1938. The city was chiefly (59% in 1931) English-speaking. According to historian Serge Durflinger, Verdun residents made a massive contribution to the Canadian war efforts in World War I and World War II, due to the many British immigrants living there who enthusiastically joined the Canadian armed forces. Rutherdale, Robert. "Serge Durflinger, Fighting from Home: The Second World War in Verdun, Quebec (Book review)", ''Entrepreneur'', Fall 2007. The municipality of Île-Saint-Paul, occupying what was by then universally known as Nuns' Island or Île des Sœurs (Nuns' Island), was annexed to Verdun in 1956. Then a chiefly agricultural area, it was rapidly urbanized following the opening of the Champlain Bridge (Champlain Bridge, Montreal) in 1962, with development including contributions by the famous Modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. "L'île des Soeurs." Grand répertoire du patrimoine bâti de Montréal. Accessed 1 July 2011. Rapid development would continue to the present day, with the erosion of the sensitive natural woodland of the Domaine Saint-Pierre becoming an increasingly pressing concern. thumb left Verdun City Hall, now the borough hall. (File:Bureau d'arrondissement de Verdun.jpg) Back in Verdun proper, in the post-war period, the area around the church, along rue Wellington and rue de l'Église, became the nucleus of commercial development. A new city hall was built on Rue de Verdun in 1958. "History and Heritage: Verdun City Hall." Ville de Montréal: Arrondissement de Verdun. Accessed 1 July 2011. The green line of the Montreal Metro was extended into Verdun in 1978, its construction delayed due to a collapse in rue Wellington during the construction of De L'Église (De L'Église (Montreal Metro)) station. "De l'Église Metro: History and trivia." Accessed 1 July 2011. Besides De l'Église in downtown Verdun and Verdun (Verdun (Montreal Metro)) station in front of the town hall, LaSalle (LaSalle (Montreal Metro)) station was built in vacant land in a former industrial area in the east of the borough, left vacant by the demolition of the vast British Munitions Supply Co. facilities; the metro station would become the heart of a new residential area called La Poudrière after the munitions factories. "LaSalle Metro: History and trivia." Accessed 1 July 2011. However, improved access to downtown Montreal meant a decline in local commerce. A program of subsidies and revitalization starting in the 1990s reinvigorated the rue Wellington commercial corridor. Verduners voted 68% "no" in the 1980 sovereignty referendum (Quebec referendum, 1980) and 59.6% "no" in the 1995 referendum (Quebec referendum, 1995). In 1992, Verduners voted 53.66% in favour of the Charlottetown Accord. Uniquely in Montreal, Verdun was a partially dry community, with taverns, night clubs and cabarets banned since 1965, and alcohol sales restricted to restaurants with liquor licences, grocery stores and the SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec). "'Prohibition' in Verdun and the Scott Act." Ville de Montréal: Arrondissement de Verdun. Accessed July 1, 2011. In December 2010, the borough announced that it was planning to allow some microbreweries or performance spaces to sell alcohol. '''Verdun Collège Français''' were a junior ice hockey team from Verdun, Quebec. They were members of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League from 1991 to 1994. Collège Français resurrected the dormant Quebec Remparts franchise in 1985 after a three year hiatus, as '''Longueuil Collège Français'''. The team played in Longueuil, Quebec at Colisée Jean Béliveau for three seasons before moving to the Verdun Auditorium.


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