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Oryol Oblast

manufacture production equipment for various industries, forklift trucks, construction and agricultural equipment, and machinery for municipal services. Numerous companies in the instrument-making and electronics sectors maintain high scientific and technical potential with the latest high-end technologies and experienced specialists. Oryol Oblast First digital telephone exchange was introduced in the oblast in 1998. «Ростелеком» в Орле переводит абонентов на цифровые АТС Agriculture Most of the oblast's agricultural land is used for plant cultivation. Grain growing is very important, with winter wheat and rye being the main crops. Buckwheat, oats, barley, and potatoes are also grown, and sugar beets are in great demand. The area planted in feed grains is increasing due to the expansion of livestock farming, which includes beef and dairy cattle farming, pig farming, sheep farming for meat and wool, poultry farming, and horse breeding. Oryol Region Transport As of 2010, the population of the area was motorization level of 295 cars per 1000 people, which is the 9th of any region of Russia and above the national average (249). Railway. Main line is double track electrified main line Moscow - Kharkiv - Simferopol (136 km through Mtsensk, Oryol and Zmievka Glazunovka). Pipelines and power transmission lines Routed through the region's largest oil-trunk pipeline Druzhba (202 km in area). In the southwestern part of the area being a small section of the Urengoy - Pomary - Uzhgorod. Oryol is major hub pipelines including export to Belarus, Western Ukraine and the Baltic states, with branches passing through the Bryansk and Kursk. Demographics Population: Wikipedia:Oryol Oblast Commons:Category:Oryol Oblast


of France (with Maurice Chevalier) *ST-3941 The Story of California (Narration by Dick Whittinghill; vocals by Frances Archer, Beverly Gile and the Disneyland Minstrels) By the early 20th century, manufacturing advances allowed cheap aluminum-based tinsel, and until World War I, France was the world leader in its manufacture. Production was curtailed during the First World War as a result of wartime demand for copper.

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