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Evansville, Indiana

state museums and historic sites. In 1964 this major complex of earthworks (Earthworks (archaeology)) was designated a National Historic Landmark because of its significance. It is named after the Angel family who in the early 19th century owned the property on which it is located along the Ohio River. - Evansville, Indiana WGBF (WGBF (AM))-AM 1280 AM - At the age of 18, Travis performed "Tiger Rag" on a local radio amateur show in Evansville, Indiana


''' (born 26 September 1950 in Hong Kong, with her family roots in Tianjin) ( ) is a Hong Kong actress and former Chinese Canadian newscaster. In 1986 KHS transferred most of its production from its small factory in greater Taipei to a major complex in nearby Chung-Li. In 1993 KHS started building a factory near Tianjin China for the main purpose of entering the Chinese market. In 1996 the KHS Chinese factory began producing instruments and instrument parts


associated with shrines. For instance, the so-called "giparu" (or Gig-Par-Ku in Sumerian) at Ur where the Moon god Nanna's priestesses resided was a major complex with multiple courtyards, a number of sanctuaries, burial chambers for dead priestesses, and a ceremonial banquet hall. A similarly complex example of a Mesopotamian palace was excavated at Mari (Mari, Syria) in Syria, dating from the Old Babylonian period. File:Göreme.jpg thumb left Göreme in winter

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