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in Nepal on 24 October 1989. Leading a pitch at an altitude of about 8,200 meters on a 6 mm secondhand rope he had picked up in a market in Kathmandu (according to Ryszard Pawłowski, Kukuczka's climbing partner on the tragic day, the main single rope used by the team was too jammed to be used and the climbers decided to use transport rope instead), the cord either was cut or snapped from a fall, plunging Kukuczka to his death. News of the expedition's success reached London


title Turkish edition publisher date 2005-03-23 accessdate 2010-11-27 and Korea. Turkey was neutral until several months before the end of the war


football competition. The league is also unofficially known under its neutral name '''Eliteserien''' (English: The '''Elite League'''), although the name has never been official. The name of Norwegian football's top league has been subject for sponsoring since 1991 and Norsk Tipping has been the main sponsor of the League since then - hence the official name of the league. The '''Norwegian Football Cup''' ( ) is the main single-elimination


it as the second single in the UK (United Kingdom) and Germany. Although the album version of the song is a ballad, there is also a trance version of the song more in keeping with their typical style, which is the main single version. Both versions are featured on the UK edition of the album. First released in the U.S. exclusively in the iTunes store (iTunes Store) on 27 February, the U.S. physical release was 13 March 2007. - 1933 – '''Gleichschaltung''': All political party

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