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, Davien Sound, Sound City, Devonshire Sound, & Westlake Audio Hollywood, CA (California) Genre Funk, soul (Soul music), rhythm and blues, disco Career Scala studied acting at night and made appearances on some radio shows and television quiz shows. At the end of 1954 an agent had her tested for the role of Mary Magdalene in a movie which was to be made called ''The Gallileans.'' She did not get the part but was signed to contracts by both


and was also released in the Famicom Mini series, the Japanese variant of the Classic NES Series of games. It never came outside of Japan. A remake was made called ''Mario Bros. Classic''—known as

in Japan, based on the ''Ring (Ring (film))'' movie series. There are a total of 12 episodes in the series and a sequel was made called "Rasen (Rasen (TV Series))" consisting of 13 episodes. 160px right thumbnail Ichiro Nakagawa (1982) (File:Ichiro Nakagawa ,19820623 cropped.jpg) was a Japanese politician from Hokkaidō. He committed suicide at a hotel in Sapporo

Soviet Union

-minute sequel was made, called ''The New Bremen Musicians'' ( defined ''superpower'' as "great power plus great mobility of power" and identified 3 states, the British Empire, the Soviet Union and the United States. Evans. G. &

United States

in the 1960s, at which time it was called the "Rapid-Fire Tracer Gun". It was available in greenish bronze or bluish silver. Many of these older guns were made by Ray Plastics in the United States Ray Plastics, Inc. under the brand name "Rayline". A rifle version of the tracer gun was also made, called the "Jet Disc Tracer

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