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Billy Graham (Billy Graham (wrestler)) in the Dungeon (Hart House (Alberta)#The Dungeon), his household basement which served as possibly the most notorious training room in the world of wrestling. Before school, Hart's father, also a wrestling promoter, had him hand out fliers to local wrestling shows. In the 1998 documentary, ''Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows'', Hart reflected on his father's discipline, describing how Stu inflicted excruciating submission holds (Grappling hold) while uttering morbid words to his teenage son. The suffering endured in these sessions even left broken blood vessels in his eyes. Hart also, cited his father's otherwise pleasant demeanor and growing up in the professional wrestling atmosphere. Hart also repeated these statements in his 2007 autobiography. Hart, Bret (2007). Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling, p.4 commons:Calgary

Memphis, Tennessee

States, and now plays as the Memphis Grizzlies. The Vancouver Grizzlies played their home games during their six seasons at General Motors Place. Early career (1970-1992) While working in Memphis, Tennessee as a disc jockey, Lawler's artistic ability attracted the attention of local wrestling promoter (Professional wrestling promotion) Aubrey Griffith.

Mexico City

, Palomeque became agitated, panicked and demanded to be let off the bus despite it being 1:30 in the morning. A text message he sent to his wife after leaving the bus confirms that Palomeque found himself lost on the dark hillside. After receiving the text message, his wife contacted local wrestling promoter Vicente Martinez, who organized a search party. On the morning of March 22, Palomeque was found floating face down in the river. Afterwards, medical expert Jesús Enrique Castro López stated


, Western Australia Perth and Melbourne. Early career and World Wide Wrestling Federation (1973–1981) Whistler trained under Bruno Sammartino and debuted in 1973 as the babyface (Face (professional wrestling)) "Larry Zbyszko", with his name a tribute to 1920s Polish American wrestler Stanislaus Zbyszko. He initially wrestled in the Pittsburgh area, appearing on the local wrestling program Studio Wrestling, before receiving List of professional wrestling

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