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reported that more than a million people participated, while according to the sources of Caucasian Knot the number was between 350 and 500 thousand. Caucasian Knot, Данные о числе участников митинга в Грозном против карикатур на Мухаммада значительно расходятся, 19.01.2015 Politics Since 1990, the Chechen Republic has had many legal, military, and civil conflicts involving separatist

Bosnia and Herzegovina

: "There is no reason for panic. The JNA, as a legal military force, is here disable those that would eventually try to threaten the security of all citizens and the entire nation." Mladićev Šegrt thumb Tufahija with whipped cream (File:Tufahiija in Morića Han 2.JPG). '''Tufahije''' (singular: ''tufahija'') is a Bosnian (Bosnian cuisine) dessert made of walnut-stuffed apples stewed in water with sugar, very popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) and Serbia. Tufahije were introduced to the people in Balkans during the Ottoman (Ottoman Empire) rule, although the dessert originates from Persia. thumb "Protect brotherhood and unity like the pupil of your eye", Josip Broz Tito Tito (File:Cuvajmo bratstvo i jedinstvo kao zenicu oka svoga.jpg) Several prominent persons from former Yugoslavia were convicted for activities deemed to threaten the brotherhood and unity, such as acts of chauvinist (chauvinism) propaganda, separatism and irredentism. Among the convicts were the former presidents of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Alija Izetbegović) and Croatia (Franjo Tuđman and Stjepan Mesić), Croatian army general of Albanian descent Rahim Ademi and many others. One Kosovo Albanian, Adem Demaçi, was imprisoned for almost 30 years for allegations of espionage and irredentism. The Soviet Union was dissolved (Dissolution of the Soviet Union) by the end of 1991, resulting in 14 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan) declaring their independence from the Soviet Union and the bulk of the country being succeeded by the Russian Federation. Communism was abandoned in Albania and Yugoslavia between 1990 and 1992, the latter splitting into five successor states by 1992: Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia), Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (later renamed Serbia and Montenegro, and later still split into two states, Serbia and Montenegro). Czechoslovakia too was dissolved three years after the end of communist rule, splitting peacefully into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1992. http: RigasNetwork databank Constitutions Yugoslavia.html The impact was felt in dozens of Socialist countries (List of socialist countries). Communism was abandoned in countries such as Cambodia (People's Republic of Kampuchea), Ethiopia (People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia), and Mongolia (1990 Democratic Revolution in Mongolia) and South Yemen. The collapse of Communism led commentators to declare the end of the Cold War. - 15 7 September 2002 Koševo Stadium (Asim Ferhatović Hase Stadium), Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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