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in Spring 2010 as it was felt to be a "duplication of services". A large number of the elderly population of the area used this as their primary source of medical and social contact. The UBC Learning Exchange, sponsored by the University of British Columbia since the year 2000, opened up an outreach program at the north end of Main Street which is used by local residents to improve their education. Pivot Legal Society is a non-profit legal advocacy organization located in Vancouver's


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code at IBM. Thalidomide was originally developed and prescribed as a cure for morning sickness in West Germany, but its use was discontinued when it was found to cause birth defect (congenital disorder)s. The United States Food and Drug Administration never approved thalidomide for use as a cure for morning sickness. In prominent cases, ''amici curiae'' are generally organizations with sizable legal budgets. Non-profit legal advocacy organizations

, ADAPT also practices legislative policy advocacy, grassroots education and mobilization, and individual members may engage in legal advocacy, as in the case of individual ADAPT members suing the Chicago Transit Authority in the 1980s. thumb right The Partnership used a simple advertisement showing an egg in a frying pan, similar to this photo, suggesting that the effect of drugs on a brain was like a hot pan on an egg. (File:Flickr - cyclonebill - Spejlæg.jpg) '''''This Is Your Brain

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