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Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Interpretation across a Nation's Landscape work Farm and Food Report publisher Agriculture Canada date url http: blogs explore_canada 2005 04 prince-albert-fair-showcases-diversity.html doi accessdate March 16, 2008 * Focus on Women- Annual Trade Show - The '''Prince Albert Volunteers''' or '''Prince Albert Rifles''' were a historical body of militia organized in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, which served as Canadian government militia during the North-West Rebellion. '''Pronto Airways LP''' is an airline formed in 2006 and based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It operates cargo, scheduled and charter passenger services in Saskatchewan. Its main bases are Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and Saskatoon. Pronto is part of the West Wind Aviation group. Pronto Airway's fleet mainly consists of several Beechcraft 1900Ds. **Points North (Points North Landing Airport) (Points North Landing Airport) **Prince Albert (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan) (Prince Albert (Glass Field) Airport) **Saskatoon (Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport)

Works Progress Administration

Parkway and placed it under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service. Some work was carried out by various New Deal public works agencies. The Works Progress Administration did some roadway construction. Crews from the Emergency Relief Administration carried out landscape work and development of parkway recreation areas. Personnel from four Civilian Conservation Corps camps worked on roadside cleanup, roadside plantings, grading slopes, and improving adjacent fields

Northern Ireland

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published conceptual plans for the esplanades along the Charles River in Boston proposed earlier by Charles Davenport and others, and as the consulting landscape architect for the Metropolitan Park Commission, he supervised the acquistion of much of the riverfront in Boston, Watertown, and Newton. He also directed the landscape work on the Cambridge esplanade for the city's park commission. The esplanade in Boston was later realized following designs by Guy Lowell (1910) and Arthur Shurcliff (1936). Inventing the Charles River, Karl Haglund, 2003 In 1883, he designed Longfellow Park between the Cambridge home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and the Charles River. Up until his death he was the partner in charge of the firm's work at Fresh Pond (Fresh Pond (Cambridge, Massachusetts)) in Cambridge. He died May 23, 1880 in Boston and was buried in Forest Hills Cemetery after a funeral at Eliot Congregational Church. commons:Boston

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