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and Flower Exposition''' takes place in a different city each year, Beijing in 2013. It was in Xiamen in 2007, and a large Water Garden Expo Park was built to host it (details at Jimei#See); presumably it will return there every few years. There is an annual '''Xiamen International Stone Fair''' at the Conference Center in the spring. Buy thumb Zhongshan Road (File:Zhongshanrd2.jpg) '''Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street''' (中山路步行街) runs inland off Lujiang Road (which runs along the coast) near the Gulangyu ferry terminal, through a historical part of the city. This is major shopping area with interesting smaller streets off it. The opening time is generally from 9AM to 10PM The buildings along Zhongshan Road combine a European architecture style with Chinese. Other major shopping streets in the area are Siming Road and Jukou Street. The area also has many smaller streets with shopping; most are off to the left as you come up Zhongshan Road from the sea. As you come along Zhongshan from the sea, you can look for a set of stairs going off to your right a short way along; these lead to a smaller parallel street with many little shops and street vendors. From the inland end of that (Siming Road), turn left to get back to Zhongshan Road at the inland end of the pedestrian area. '''Xiamen University Street''' is actually half a street because the other side is part of Nanputuo Temple. Hundreds of shops line the street which is only a few hundred meters. Most of these shops sell garments and cultural things, and the book stores are also worth a look. Since they cater to students, these stores are often more reasonably priced than other areas, but some haggling may be needed to get the best prices. There is also much tourist-oriented shopping on Gulangyu. Xiamen has a number of modern enclosed '''shopping malls''' or large standalone '''chain stores'''. Here are some of the main ones: * Wikipedia:Xiamen

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