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in exercises, predominantly tai chi, fitness dancing (Chinese fitness dancing), and aerobics. *Hainan International Friendship Park is planned to occupy WikiPedia:Haikou Dmoz:Regional Asia China Hainan Haikou

Hanford, California

since been carried on by community leader Gerry Young. ''Hanford Sentinel'', November 30, 2006 Sister city * Setana, Hokkaido, Japan Hanford is a sister city with Setana, a small town on Hokkaido, Japan. The program is known for promoting international friendship. Both cities send a delegate group of both prominent city citizens and high school students. For the city of Hanford, high school students are selected from both high schools


of International Friendship in gold by the German Democratic Republic, 18 July *City Council of Harlow, United Kingdom, renamed one of its major roads in honour of Nelson Mandela, 18 July *AUEW TASS, one of United Kingdom's major trade unions, held a special ceremony to rename their executive committee room the 'Nelson Mandela Room', 18 July - 285 Harlow 81,700 Essex (Essex, England) - thumb right 200px (Image:Marquess of Londonderry COA.svg) '''Marquess of Londonderry


t20110120_1631663.htm 国际友好城市一览表 (International Friendship Cities List) , 2011-01-20. (Translation by Google Translate.) 友好交流 (Friendly exchanges), 2011-09-13. (Translation by Google Translate.) * Duisburg, Germany, since 2007

Samara, Russia

;国际友好城市一览表 (International Friendship Cities List), 2011-01-20. (Translation by Google Translate.) 友好交流 (Friendly exchanges), 2011-09-13. (Translation by Google Translate.) * Stuttgart, Germany ref name "Stuttgart


: Savon Sanomat ''' * '''Viikkosavo''' * '''Kuopion Kaupunkilehti''' Religious services Local international churches: * '''Kuopio church international''' International friendship group provides activities: learn English, bible study groups, camps and sport events. Go next *

Thunder Bay

district * Port Arthur Stadium * Silver Falls * Thunder Bay Art Gallery * Thunder Bay Community Auditorium * Thunder Bay Historical Museum * Thunder Bay Marina (Marina Park (Thunder Bay)) * Thunder Bay Restaurant * International Friendship Gardens (Thunder Bay Soroptimist International Friendship Garden) * Trowbridge Falls (Current River Greenway#Trowbridge Falls Park) * Victoriaville (Victoriaville (Thunder Bay)) * Waverley Park (Thunder Bay) Waverley Park


; ref * Shenzhen, China (People's Republic of China), since 1993 友好城市 (Friendly cities), 市外办 (Foreign Affairs Office), 2008-03-22. (Translation by Google Translate.) 国际友好城市一览表 (International Friendship Cities List), 2011-01-20. (Translation by Google


, China (1993) * Panama City, Panama (2000)


Beg's time, these walls were lined with polished marble. *The Center for Documentation and Exploration of the International Language, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, founded in 1967. It is part of the City Library and contains more than 20,000 bibliographical units. *The International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, founded in 1986 and handled by the International Friendship Club. The Museum's goal is to advance peace and world consciousness. The Museum exhibits around 20,000 books, pieces of art, and memorabilia from 100 countries. *The Spanish Esperanto Museum, in San Pablo de Ordal, Spain, which began in 1963 when Mr. L. M. Hernandez Yzal began systematically collecting Esperanto publications. It grew into a museum which opened in 1968. In 1993, the computer catalog listed 8400 books and 12,315 yearly bound books of 2485 periodicals. *35px link European route E30 (File:Tabliczka E30.svg) - Commons:Category:Samarkand Wikipedia:Samarkand

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