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Dearborn, Michigan

ford_bev_marketing_090806 title Ford Challenged by Focus BEV Marketing Strategy publisher date 2009-08-06 accessdate 2009-10-25 In October, industry publication Ward's Auto World (Ward's#Ward's AutoWorld) reported that Magna has been approached by several other automakers worldwide to acquire or purchase the same technology, which Magna says is designed to be custom-configured for a variety of applications.


''' or simply '''Idlewild''', is a family amusement park situated in the Laurel Highlands near Ligonier, Pennsylvania, United States, about east of Pittsburgh, along US Route 30. Founded in 1878 as a campground along the Ligonier Valley Railroad by Thomas Mellon, Idlewild is the oldest amusement park in Pennsylvania. The park has won several awards, including from industry publication ''Amusement Today'' as the best children's park in the world

United States

, Dec. 2005 Jan. 2006 issue. '''''Talkers Magazine''''' is a trade industry publication related to talk radio in the United States. Its slogan is "The Bible of Talk Radio and the New Talk Media". In addition to radio, it covers talk shows on broadcast and cable television as well as Internet-only shows and podcasting. The magazine is self-described as nonpartisan, advocating the advancement of conservative (conservative talk radio), progressive talk radio

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