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Malton, Ontario

; In 1939, a wooden terminal that was identical to the one built at Toronto City Centre Airport, replaced the Chapman Farm House as the airport terminal. '''Malton Airport''' was also the site of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan facilities during the war-time years. Aircraft industry National Steel Car

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

years. It also has the country's largest airport, making it an ideal city for trade shows, international events and investments. It is noteworthy that in Santa Cruz there is considerable investment in the construction sector (office buildings and houses), business (large supermarket chains and mass consumption centers), the health sector (high-tech private clinics), the fashion industry, national and international shows, agribusiness, hospitality and cuisine (highly developed), not to mention


, at the National Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology Work, Nie Rongzhen specifically referred to the Four Modernizations as comprising agriculture, industry, national defense, and science and technology.

Washington, D.C.

(since 1973) thumb 125px right Columbia Protecting Science and Industry, Washington D.C. (Image:CB-ColumbiaProtecting.jpg) *''Columbia Defending Science and Industry'', National Museum Art and Industries Building, Washington, D.C., Adolph Cluss, architect, Montgomery Meigs, associate architect, 1881 *Pension Building Frieze, National Building Museum, Washington, D.C., Montgomery Meigs, architect, 1883 "Coya, Come Home" They would get their chance in the next

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