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Yisroel of Toronto until 1971. This yeshiva still functions but is no longer affiliated with Ner Yisroel in Baltimore. CHUM Limited applied to the CRTC to acquire CKVU Sub Inc. on July 26, 2001 Public Notice CRTC 2001-86 for $175 million, with the intention of making it a Citytv station similar to CITY (CITY-DT) in Toronto, Ontario. CHUM planned on spending $8.03 million on British Columbia-based independent

productions, $5.95 million on local news and information, and $1.37 million on local culture, social policy and talent development over a period of seven years. * Hôpital Montfort, Ottawa, Ontario (University of Ottawa) * Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario (University of Toronto) * Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Ontario (University of Toronto) * Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario ( University of Toronto

United States

, and in London's West End. It has since been performed in over 150 independent productions in Canada and the United States. The play appeared on television in a BBC-CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) co-production, and in a German version (German language), ''Billy Bishop Steig Auf''. ''Billy Bishop Goes to War'' was the winner of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award in 1981, the Governor General's Award for Drama, and the 1982 Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award

that broadcast exclusively in high definition (HDTV). Programming included films from various genres including classics, sleeper (sleeper (film)) hits, cult (cult classic) favorites and independent productions. It was one of the Voom HD Networks, a division of Rainbow Media. Touring In 1964 (now minus Terry Crowe and with Barry Jenkins on drums) The Nashville Teens signed a management contract and recorded "Tobacco Road (Tobacco Road (song))," at the same time touring

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