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Evansville, Indiana

States. In , the Morris Civic Auditorium refused booking, "PKFHSPKFHS holding articles HairArticles Variety6-24-70.html Hair Ruffles Officials In Ind'p'ls; South Bend Nix, Evansville Maybe". ''Variety'' ( June 26, 1968. Retrieved on June 6, 2008. and in Evansville, Indiana, the production was picketed by several church groups. " http

: hair holding articles HairArticles Variety8-5-70a.html Baptists Hit Use Of County Aud For Hair Two Nighter ". ''Variety'' ( August 5, 1970. Retrieved on June 6, 2008. In Indianapolis, Indiana, the producers had difficulty securing a theater, and city authorities suggested that the cast wear body stockings as a compromise to the city's ordinance prohibiting publicly displayed nudity. Productions were frequently confronted

with the closure of theaters by the fire marshal, as in . "PKFHSPKFHS holding articles HairArticles Variety12-1-71b.html Fire Marshall Nixes It". Variety (Variety (magazine)) ( December 1, 1971. Retrieved on June 6, 2008. Chattanooga's 1972 refusal to allow the play to be shown at the city-owned Memorial Auditorium (Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium) Warren, William (April


holding articles HairArticles NYT6-7-69.html "''Hair'' Reaches Australia", ''The New York Times'' (June 7, 1969), p. 26, reproduced at the ''Hair'' Online Archives. Retrieved on April 29, 2009. ''Hair'': Original Australian production, MILESAGO: Australasian Music & Popular Culture 1964–1975, accessed April 29, 2009. The production broke local box-office records and ran for two years

; But there was no astrologically safe time in the near future. Prideaux, Tom (April 17, 1970). holding articles HairArticles Life4-17-70.html "That Play Is Sprouting Everywhere". ''Life'', Retrieved on June 7, 2008. Commissioned ensign on 19 April 1869, and promoted to master on 12 July 1870, he resigned from the Navy on 18 November 1871, to study law in his brother's office. After he was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar

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