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(plant) wingnuts , Caucasian salamander, Caucasian Parsley Frog, eight endemic species of lizards from the genus ''Darevskia'', Caucasian adder, Robert's vole (Robert's Snow Vole), and endemic cave shrimps. History


reservoir formed by the dam of the Novosibirsk Hydro Power Plant. Новосибирская ГЭС. Вокруг здания ГЭС, водосливная плотина :: Gelio Слава Степанов. Retrieved on 2013-08-16. and occupies an area of History

Ithaca, New York

teachings of Tibetan Buddhism in a traditional monastic setting. publisher Namgyal Monastery year 2007 url http: accessdate 2007-08-16 History Early history thumb left State Street in Ithaca, ca. 1901 (File:State Street - Ithaca, New York.jpg) File:Commons1.JPG thumb left A view of the shops and businesses

United States

; Hayes, 2009 (#Hayes) US, 2013 (#ushistory13) Contemporary history

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