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September 2011 History For a more comprehensive historical treatment of the area, see the history section of Khūzestān Province. Ancient history Ahvaz is the anagram of "Avaz" and "Avaja" which appear in Darius's epigraph. This word appears in Naqsh-Rostam inscription as "Khaja" or "Khooja" too. Wikipedia:Ahvaz commons:Category:Ahvaz

Lower Saxony

and historical treatment of philosophy greatly attracted him. , Germany had 248 uninhabited unincorporated areas (of which 214 are located in Bavaria), called ''gemeindefreie Gebiete'' or singular ''gemeindefreies Gebiet'', not belonging to any municipality, consisting mostly of forested areas. There are also three inhabited unincorporated areas, all of which serve as military proving grounds: Osterheide and Lohheide in Lower Saxony

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