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200px thumb left Flag of the Ajuran Sultanate (File:Muzzaffar (Mogadishu area) flag according to 1576 Portuguese map.svg), an influential Somali kingdom that held sway over Baidoa during the Middle Ages. Baidoa and the broader Bay region is home to a number of important ancient sites. Archaeologists have found pre-historic rock art on the city's outskirts, in Buur Heybe. birth_place Baidoa, Somalia death_date Early years Born in Baidoa, Somalia, Farah is the son of a merchant father and a poet mother. As a child, he attended school at Kallafo (Kelafo) in the Ogaden, and studied English (English language), Arabic (Arabic language), and Amharic (Amharic language). In 1963, three years after Somalia's independence, Farah was forced to flee the Ogaden following serious border conflicts. For several years thereafter, he pursued a degree in philosophy, literature and sociology at Panjab University (Panjab University, Chandigarh) in Chandigarh, India. DATE OF BIRTH November 24, 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH Baidoa, Somalia DATE OF DEATH On February 23, 1999, militiamen loyal to Aidid murdered 60 civilians in Baidoa and Daynunay. The RRA was found in a ''shir'' assembly at Jhaffey, west of Baidoa, on 13 October 1995. Col. Hassan Mohamed Nur, "Shaargaduud" (Red Shirt) was elected chair, and an executive committee composed of officers, traditional and religious leaders, and intellectuals was established. The formation of the RRA was triggered by the invasion of Baidoa by Hussein Mohamed Farrah's militia on 17 September 1995, which overthrew the local government, The Digil-Mirifle Supreme Governing Council, which was established in March 1995. Aideed completed the occupation of Reewin land by capturing Huddur in the Bakool Region (Bakool). The MEU's ground combat element, 2nd Battalion 9th Marines (2 9), performed simultaneous raids on the Port of Mogadishu and Mogadishu International Airport, establishing a foothold for additional incoming troops. Echo and Golf Company assaulted the airport by helicopter and Amphibious Assault Vehicles, while Fox Company secured the port with an economy of force rubber boat raid. The 1st Marine Division's Air Contingency Battalion (ACB), 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, arrived soon after the airport was secured. Elements of BLT 3 9 India Co, 3rd Battalion 9th Marines and 1 7 went on to secure the airport in Baidoa, the port city of Kismayo, and the city of Bardera. Air support was provided by the combined helicopter units of HMLA-267, HMH-361, HMM-164 and HC-11 DET.10. * Amidst scandals regarding the sale of land in Jerusalem, Patriarch Irenaios I of Jerusalem (Patriarch Irenaios) has been replaced by Metropolitan Cornelius of Petra (Metropolitan Cornelius), who serves as ''locum tenens'' of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem.BBC * Fighting in the proposed Somali (Somalia) capital of Baidoa threatens the stability of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia. BBC * Angela Merkel is elected by the CDU (Christian Democratic Union (Germany)) CSU (Christian Social Union of Bavaria) as candidate to become Chancellor of Germany (Chancellor of Germany (Federal Republic)) in the upcoming German federal election, 2005. (Spiegel online, German) Mogadishu's fruit and vegetable market used to have a section containing Bardera's famous onion product. Since the start of the civil war in Somalia, produce from Bardera to large cities like Mogadishu, Kismayo or Baidoa were diverted to Kenyan markets such as Wajir, Garissa, Mombasa and Nairobi. The Somali government, the Transitional Central Government in city of Baidoa (w:Baidoa), a bystander to the recent events, is the 14th of such authorities in Somalia since the overthrow of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre (w:Siad Barre) in 1991. The government is currently seeking talks with the Islamists groups with a view to establishing peace for the country. Abdi Qeybdid is thought have been injured and still hiding inside the city. He is one of the last of the United States (w:United States of America) backed secular warlords who took control of the capital with the collapse of the government in 1991. The government itself is too weak to maintain the capital and so has been based in the southern town of Baidoa (w:Baidoa). It is now divided over whether to continue negotiations with the Islamists, who it accuses of breaking an agreed ceasefire; talks between the two sides were supposed take place on Sunday in Khartoum. (w:Khartoum)

Ashburn, Ontario

Creek immediately south of the hamlet has been documented. "Historic Rock near Brooklin" (1938), ''Greenwood - Kinsale Tweesdmiur History 1920-1938'', p. 55; also Central Lake Ontario Conservation, "Lynde Creek Watershed Existing Conditions Report: 4.0

Kingdom of Galicia

of Italy (1861-1946) Kingdom of Italy and Switzerland * the historic Rock of the Three Kingdoms between the former kingdoms of Galicia (Kingdom of Galicia), León (Kingdom of León) and Portugal (Kingdom of Portugal) (nowadays part of the border between Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic). Treaty on boundaries between Spain and Portugal from the mouth of the Minho River to the junction

Washington, D.C.

''', in Washington, D.C., is located next to the Armed Forces Retirement Home. It is one of only two national cemeteries (United States National Cemetery) administered by the Department of the Army (United States Department of the Army), the other being Arlington National Cemetery. The national cemetery is adjacent to the historic Rock Creek Cemetery and to the Soldiers' Home (President Lincoln and Soldiers' Home National Monument). The cushion-cut stone is one of the world's most

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