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Topeka, Kansas

, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway , the others being located in Topeka, Kansas, Cleburne, Texas, and San Bernardino, California. The railway shops were the largest employer in the city during the railroad's heyday. Currently they have been empty for years but a variety of plans have been proposed for the historic complex. *A version from KCOS (KCOS (TV)) in El Paso, Texas. version from WIBW-TV in Topeka, Kansas, cosponsored

Panama City

;Panamaviejo" Commons:Category:Panama City Wikipedia:Panama City Dmoz:Regional Central America Panama Localities Panama City

Mobile, Alabama

and prehistory. It is housed in the historic Old City Hall (Old City Hall (Mobile, Alabama)) (1857), a National Historic Landmark. The Oakleigh Historic Complex (Oakleigh Historic Complex (Mobile, Alabama)) features three house museums that attempt to interpret the lives of people from three strata


content This is an exceptionally valuable historic complex, which, besides its religious purpose, also represents the important artistic treasury of ancient Dubrovnik. * *


. thumb 220px East entrance of the Clementinum (Image:Prague clementinum entrance.jpg) The '''Clementinum''' (''Klementinum'' in Czech (Czech language)) is a historic complex of buildings in Prague. Until recently the complex hosted the National, University and Technical libraries, the City Library also being located nearby on Mariánské Náměstí. The Technical library and the Municipal library have moved to the Prague National Technical Library at Technická 6 since 2009. ref>

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