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age for the President of Germany is 40 by constitution. With the release of ''Saviour Machine II'' the band began to pursue new representation. A growing following had developed in Europe, particularly in Germany. This led to the formation of MCM Music, an independent label for all Saviour Machine projects, by vocalist Eric Clayton and his European management team. The band also secured a deal with Massacre Records, a German label that specializes in death metal and other heavy

extreme music. Saviour Machine was given full creative control on all future projects. Multiple tours of Europe followed in 1995 and 1996. During a 1995 performance at Owen Teck Rocknight, a music festival in Owen, Germany, Saviour Machine recorded their first live album. ''Live in Deutschland'', released in 1995, featured selections from ''Saviour Machine I'' and ''Saviour Machine II''. It was after this tour that the membership of Saviour Machine changed with the replacement

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