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reconquered the city. After the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1917, the city was seized by Germany on February 7, 1918. On February 22, 1918 the town was transferred by the withdrawing German army to the forces loyal to Symon Petlura. Second Polish Republic During the Polish-Bolshevik War, on May 16, 1919 Lutsk was taken over by the forces of Poland's Blue Army (Blue Army (Poland)) after a heavy battle with the Red Army. The city was devastated and largely depopulated. It witnessed the Soviet counter-offensive of 1920 and was taken in 12 July 1920. It was recaptured by Poland's 45th Rifles regiment and field artillery on September 15, 1920. wikipedia:Lutsk Commons:Category:Lutsk


Guards Tank Army 4th Guards Army . A heavy battle ensued, with the ''Wiking'' and the ''Totenkopf'' seeing many of the Red Army tanks destroyed. In three days, they had driven 45 kilometres over rugged terrain, over half the distance from their start point to Budapest. The Soviets maneuvered forces to block the advance, and they barely managed to halt the advance at Bicske, only 28 kilometres from Budapest. Gille pulled the ''Wiking'' out of the line and moved it to the south of Esztergom, near the Danube bend. The second relief attempt, to be known as Operation Konrad II, got under way on 7 January. - 7 Magyar Suzuki Corporation Esztergom Hungary Opel Vauxhall Agila Suzuki Splash Suzuki Swift Suzuki SX4 Fiat Sedici 1991   Suzuki plant - Former lines Today there are four (+1 side line to Csömör) HÉV lines in and around Budapest, but at the turn of the 19th to 20th century there were another four HÉV lines around Budapest: Esztergom HÉV (today suburban railway, since 1931 owned by Hungarian State Railways), Lajosmizse HÉV (suburban railway, also part of the Hungarian State Railways), Törökbálint HÉV (mostly demolished, the remained line is tram no. 41, owned by BKV) and Budafok HÉV (today tram no. 47, owned by BKV also). map_caption location Esztergom, Hungary geo WikiPedia:Esztergom Commons:Category:Esztergom

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