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Skid Row, Los Angeles

homelessness. Los Angeles, of course, has approximately 3.6 times the population of San Francisco, http: docs 2011-Homeless-Count HC11-Detailed-Geography-Report-FINAL.PDF this means that even in proportions Los Angeles has more homeless than San Francisco. After being wounded in World War II, he began working seriously on his guitar playing, influenced heavily by Django Reinhardt. After the war, he returned to Moultrie then moved to Los Angeles county where


(Category:Örebro) Category:Populated places in Örebro County Category:Municipal seats of Örebro County Category:Swedish municipal seats thumb left 150px Chuck Berry (File:Chuck-berry-2007-07-18.jpg) in Örebro, Berry is considered a pioneer of American Rock and roll thumb 150px B.B. King (File:Bbking (300dpi).jpg) is a blues guitarist and songwriter acclaimed for his expressive singing and guitar playing. '''European route E 4

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Autry's portrayal of a guitar-playing cowboy. He received his first guitar, a Harmony (Harmony Company) model bought for $17, on his 9th birthday. Pass' father recognized early that his son had "a little something happening" and pushed him constantly to pick up tunes by ear, play pieces not written specifically for the instrument, practice scale (Scale (music))s and not to "leave any spaces" - that is, to fill in the sonic space between the notes of the melody

–66 '''Ian Williams''' (born 1970 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania) is an American (United States) rock (rock (music)) guitarist. He became noted for his finger tapping guitar playing in bands such as Don Caballero, Storm & Stress and currently in Battles (Battles (band)). - align right 282.0 Johnstown (Johnstown (Amtrak station)) Johnstown (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) ''Pennsylvanian (Pennsylvanian (Amtrak))'' - History The overnight


September 26, 1954 in Hermosillo, Mexico) is a singer (singing), songwriter and guitarist for Los Lobos. Rosas also participates in the Latin (Latin American music) supergroup (Supergroup (music)) Los Super Seven. Perhaps the most recognizable member of Los Lobos, Rosas is known for his trademark black sunglasses and slicked-back, black hair. His singing voice is reminiscent of Chicago electric blues legend John Lee Hooker. His guitar playing is influenced

Wheeling, West Virginia

in the Army at Fort Campbell, Kentucky in 1961. Ducking into Service Club #1 to get out of a sudden rainstorm, he heard guitar playing inside. Impressed with what he heard, he introduced himself, told Jimi he played bass, and they were jamming soon after. They became, and remained, fast friends. They left the military around the same time and they played clubs around the area, finally settling in Nashville. They formed a group now known to history as the King Kasuals. They played at Nashville


Violence, Religion, Jailbait, Forces of Law, Wild Thing) and albums (Excorcise the demons of youth, Armaggedon in action, Bomb Hanoi, Merry Xmas and F*** off) By 1984 he had left The Destructors to join English Dogs. Ian Glasper, Burning Britain, London: Cherry Red, 2004, p. 209. While in The English Dogs he toured the USA, and it was at this time Gizz's fusion of punk and metal based guitar playing was started to get him noticed by the likes of Metallica and helping


. These performances were recorded, but were not released until much later with the albums, ''Live at Turku Rock Festival'' in 1995, and ''Under the Dutch Skies 1970 - 74'' in 2007 (which encompassed three separate tours). At the end of 1971 a new studio album, ''Historical Figures and Ancient Heads'', was released. The album included Bob Hite’s vocal duet with Little Richard on the Skip Taylor written track, "Rockin’ with the King" featuring the guitar playing of both Henry Vestine and Joel

Austin, Texas

in this era were the brothers Johnny (Johnny Winter) and Edgar Winter, who combined traditional and southern styles. In the 1970s Jimmy (Jimmy Vaughan) formed The Fabulous Thunderbirds and in the 1980s his brother Stevie Ray Vaughan broke through to mainstream success with his virtuoso guitar playing, as did ZZ Top with their brand of Southern rock. E. M. Komara, ''Encyclopedia of the blues'' (Routledge, 2006), p. 50. ref>

Thunderbirds and in the 1980s his brother Stevie Ray Vaughan broke through to mainstream success with his virtuoso guitar playing, as did ZZ Top with their brand of Southern rock. E. M. Komara, ''Encyclopedia of the blues'' (Routledge, 2006), p. 50. thumb 300px Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas (Image:BartonSpringsPool FallDay TowardDowntown.jpg). '''Barton Springs Pool''' is a man-made recreational swimming pool located on the grounds of Zilker Park

Reading, Berkshire

March 2002, Bristol), bassist Michael Brice, and Johnny Payne on rhythm guitar. Playing primarily instrumental rock (rock music), they began their career in Bristol playing local venues such as dance halls. Born into a wealthy Quaker family in Yorkshire, he attended the Quaker schools at Bootham in Yorkshire and at Leighton Park in Reading (Reading, Berkshire) before going on to Balliol College, Oxford. He took a degree in medicine at Leeds. Ill health dogged


, London. A man of diverse hobbies and interests, he was interested in American cars, guns and shooting, model making, guitar playing and guitar design, mountain biking, abstract art and sculpture. Geoff Lawson 1944-1999, Coventry Warwickshire News, 29 June 1999, accessed 2 July 2008 Green Bicycle Murder One of his most famous cases was ''R v Light'', known as the Green Bicycle Murder , which took

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