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experienced a considerable transformation in recent decades as a result of the decline of the city's traditional manufacturing sectors. The service sector (Tertiary sector of the economy) occupies a prominent place in the economy of the city, as well as a growing Knowledge economy knowledge-based


translated the famous Nestor Chronicle to the year 980, 5 vols. (Göttingen, 1802–1809). 1769 he started lecturing on the general world history, a topic reserved to the most educated in that time. The growing knowledge of other continents and the past posed a challenge to historians. How to compress all this information in history books in an understandable way? And what are the criteria for selecting and sorting information? In other words, scholars sought fundamental threads in history


, Perugia and Rome. In Pisa, where he was still engaged in formal studies, and in other Italian (Italy) cities, he visited and examined sepulchres and sarcophagi (sarcophagus), and used his growing knowledge to dispute a universally accepted belief of the time: the idea of the existence of giants (Giant (mythology)) in ancient days. All of this work formed the bases for his tractatus on sepulchres. He worked diligently to provide correct interpretations of ancient works

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