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Sheikhdom of Kuwait

in History page 272 work Lawrence G. Potter year 2009 In a good year, Kuwait's annual revenue actually came up to 100,000 riyals, the governor of Basra considered Kuwait's annual revenue an astounding figure. A Western author's account of Kuwait in 1905:

Squaw Valley, Placer County, California

Championships World Allround Championships , held in her home town of Sverdlovsk, and she won silver. The next year, 1960, was a very good year for Stenina: her husband Boris became Soviet Allround Champion, then Boris won silver at the European Allround Championships, then she herself became World Allround Champion, then Boris became World Allround Champion, and then at the 1960 Winter Olympics of Squaw Valley (Squaw Valley, Placer County, California), she won silver on the 3,000&


, in Senigallia near Ancona, merchants from Trpanj had their own warehouses for storing fish and other goods during the local fair. Trpanj sail ships were returning with imported goods from the far away European colonies, cloth and ceramics. Commerce was booming at the time and the merchant fleet was constantly on the rise. In a good year, Trpanj could generate over 30,000 florins. The last sail ship from Trpanj was sold in 1920. Famous people * Ena Begović actress * Mia Begović


was havested until recently Dmoz:Regional Europe Spain Autonomous Communities Andalucia Malaga Malaga Commons:Category:Málaga Wikipedia:Málaga

Equatorial Guinea

War I, and had most of its area administered by France, in close association with French Equatorial Africa). thumb right 300px Detailed map of Annobón (left) (Image:Annobón Bioko.PNG) '''Annobón''' (or '''Annabon''' or '''Anabon'''; from ''Ano bom'' Portuguese (Portuguese language) for ''Good Year''), also known as '''Pagalu''' or '''Pigalu''', is an island of Equatorial Guinea. It is located in the South Atlantic Ocean at

Quebec City

, and French president (President of France) Charles de Gaulle. Michener welcomed the latter when he landed at his first stop in Canada, Quebec City, where the president addressed the gathered crowd, and they cheered wildly for him in return, but booed and jeered

, he took the time to sail on the French navy's Mediterranean flagship, the cruiser ''Colbert (French cruiser Colbert (C611))'', so that he could arrive in Quebec City, the capital of Quebec. There, de Gaulle was cheered enthusiastically, while the new governor general


for the Origin of Epidemic Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 2 journal Journal of Virology volume 79 issue 19 pages 12515–27 year 2005 pmid 16160179 pmc 1211554 doi 10.1128 JVI.79.19.12515-12527.2005 thumb right 300px Detailed map of Annobón (left) (Image:Annobón Bioko.PNG) '''Annobón''' (or '''Annabon''' or '''Anabon'''; from ''Ano bom'' Portuguese (Portuguese language) for ''Good Year''), also known as '''Pagalu''' or '''Pigalu''', is an island of Equatorial Guinea

Fort Wayne, Indiana

way to drive to Fort Wayne (Fort Wayne, Indiana) or Indianapolis. From Hartford City, drive west on State Road 26 to reach Interstate 69. Driving north from Indianapolis, the State Road 26 exit is number 55. The Interstate's northbound exit 59, at Upland, is an easy route to travel to the north side of Hartford City. Some small airports are located near Hartford City, but airports in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis have the best selection of commercial flights. 1870 was a good year

Montgomery, Alabama

some problems due to the lack of left-handed instruments and the training was a struggle. Meanwhile, his minor league career picked up, as he was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers (Los Angeles Dodgers) and spent most of the 1912 season playing for the Montgomery, Alabama, club in the Southern Association. He had "a pretty good year" with Montgomery, batting .290 with a reputation as a good base stealer. He was brought up to the Dodgers late in the season, and baseball soon became his primary occupation. 31x25px (Image:I-85.svg) '''I-85 (Interstate 85)''' During his tenure in Montgomery he warned of the dangers of Irish (Irish American) immigration to the United States and the accompanying growth of Catholicism in a book, ''Our Country: Its Danger and Duty'' (New York, 1844). "If the devotees of this unholy faith have so rapidly increased within a few years to number TWO MILLIONS, how long will it take them to rival and exceed the American Protestants?", qtd. in Lipscomb 8-9. He fared well in Montgomery as a preacher, providing for a family consisting of a wife, two children, and two sisters, and owning two slaves. Lipscomb 13. Compelled by tuberculosis to retire from the ministry, he founded in 1849 the Metropolitan Institute for Young Ladies at Montgomery, Alabama. Lipscomb then served as the inaugural President (1856–1859) of the Tuskegee Female College of the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Alabama (present-day Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama). Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Dreyfus was a graduate of Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. He is widely publicized for being the man who "invented" the commonplace mutual fund through direct marketing to the public. Jack Dreyfus - Maverick Wizard Behind the Wall Street Lion, ''Life Magazine'', 1964 Meanwhile, officials in Montgomery (w:Montgomery, Alabama), the place of her historic act of defiance, and Detroit (w:Detroit), her later home and deathplace, ordered that the first seat of every public bus will be reserved to honor Parks until her funeral, which is set for Wednesday. King was born on November 17, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama (w:Montgomery, Alabama). An actress, speaker and producer, King played Rosa Parks (w:Rosa Parks) in the ''King'' miniseries in 1978. She was also the CEO of Higher Grounds Productions, a company that produces events related to spirituality and which advertised King for speeches and performances.

Falkland Islands

name "Maynard" Conservation 2009 was a good year for this species as it was upgraded to a status of Least Concern from Near Threatened, by the IUCN. This downgrade is not as optimistic as it sounds as it is not so much due to a recovering population, but a clearer picture and more accurate censuses. IUCN (2009) Overall population trends show that in the 1980s there were 38,000 pair which dropped to 31,000 in the late 1990s followed by 46,800 presently. The Falkland Islands and most of the South Georgia Archipelago has shown increases from the 1980s to the present. Terre Adélie has shown a drastic reduction as the count fell to 10—15 pairs from 80 pairs in the 1980s. The official 10 3 generation trend is listed by BirdLife International at a 1%—9% declinatation, but it is stated that this is a conservative number. They elaborate that a best case scenario puts it at a 17% increase and a worst case scenario of a 7.2% reduction. Major threats to the well-being of this species start with the typical accidental deaths caused by longline fishing as well as trawl fishing near the Falkland Islands. Between 2,000 and 4,000 were killed in 1997—1998 due to illegal longline fishing. Also the numbers of Southern Elephant Seal, which is an important source of food as carrion, have been shrinking. Human disturbances have also adversely affected this bird. He was a leading advocate of the value of nautical surveying in relation to naval operations. His early career included service under Robert FitzRoy on the HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin's voyage of 1836, and Bartolomé Island in the Galapagos Islands was named after him. From 1842 to 1846 he commanded HMS Philomel (HMS Philomel (1842)) on the South American Station and surveyed the Falkland Islands. During the Crimean War he was sent by Sir Francis Beaufort, Hydrographer of the Navy, to the Baltic (Baltic Sea) to assist the fleet commanded by Sir Charles Napier (Charles John Napier). Sulivan, commanding the paddle steamer HMS Lightning (HMS Lightning (1823)), made many invaluable surveys and charts of the shallow waters in which the fleet had to operate, and led the bombardment ships into position during the capture of Bomarsund (Bomarsund, Åland). From 1856 to 1865 he was the naval professional member of the Board of Trade. He was promoted to Vice-Admiral in 1870, and Admiral in 1877. After Robert FitzRoy committed suicide in 1865, leaving his wife and daughter destitute, Sulivan convinced the British government to provide them with £3000, to which Charles Darwin contributed another £100 of his own money. RAF career Born the son of Air Marshal Sir Douglas Macfadyen, Ian Macfadyen was educated at Marlborough College and entered the RAF College Cranwell in 1960. The International Who's Who 2004 By Europa Publications, p. 1053 He became a flying instructor and a member of the Poachers formation aerobatic team Air Marshal Ian Macfadyen Cranston Fine Arts at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell in 1970 and was appointed Officer Commanding of No. 29 Squadron (No. 29 Squadron RAF) in 1980, with whom he saw operational service in the Falkland Islands, and Officer Commanding of No. 23 Squadron (No. 23 Squadron RAF) in 1983. He went on to be Station Commander at RAF Leuchars in Fife in 1985 and Commander of British Forces in the Middle East in 1990. Macfadyen served as the Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff, Operational Requirements (Air Systems) from 1991 and as Director General of the Saudi Arabia Armed Forces Project from 1994. He was promoted to Air Marshal in 1994 and retired from the RAF in February 1999. Its name reflects Argentina's claims of sovereignty (Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute) over the Falkland Islands (''Islas Malvinas'' in Spanish), and could be translated as "Argentine Falklands". It was created on October 20, 1994 by Provincial Law #11551, taking some of the territory of former General Sarmiento Partido. The ship landed scrap-metal workers on South Georgia on 19 March 1982. She was involved in the blockade running to the Falkland Islands. She sailed from Stanley (Stanley, Falkland Islands) towards Falklands Sound on 29 April, before the first British attack. While heading to the south on 6 May, the ship spotted the schooner ''Penelope'', property of the Falkland Islands Company, at anchor along a pier in Speedwell Island. The small craft was taken over by an Argentine prize crew the following day. Contraalmirante Horacio A. Mayorga 1998 : '' No Vencidos''. Ed. Planeta, Buenos Aires, page 313. ISBN 950-742-976-X WikiPedia:Falkland Islands Dmoz:Regional South America Falkland Islands Commons:Category:Falkland Islands

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