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and the area around Biokovo. Biokovo is unique not only for its position, but also for its geomorphology and its biological diversity, which are the main reasons for Mt Biokovo having been proclaimed a nature park in 1981. You can walk on foot into the mountains behind Makarska, however if you want to reach the best mountainous areas you will need to drive to the official park itself. There are excellent hiking opportunities in the park, although sometimes the fog makes it difficult to have a good view of the surroundings. * '''Kotišina Botanical Garden''', a part of the Nature park Biokovo that covers an area of 16.5 ha over the village of Kotišina. According to the intentions of its founder, Fra Jure Radić, the Biokovo vegetation, preserved in its original state, enables visitors to get to know the unique wild plant life of the area. Buy At the southern end of the beach (near the peninsula), there is an outdoor market area. There you can buy souvenirs, beach gear, and food. In this area are other simple but fun attractions such as trampolines to jump on. There are also several well-stocked supermarkets in town, including a branch of the German discounter Lidl. Eat There are many restaurants along the beach and in the main square area. * WikiPedia:Makarska Dmoz:Regional Europe Croatia Localities Makarska Commons:Category:Makarska

, you can go rafting or kayaking along the Cetina River. The river is generally calm, although there are a few fast places, and one section is particularly dangerous. There is a tour agency that offers guided trips down the river. If you decide to go, look for the cave that was used by Marshal Tito's Partisans to hide from the Nazis during World War II. *'''Trekking'''. The mountains directly behind the city have decent hiking trails. The area is scenic and not too crowded, and you can get a good

view of Makarska if you hike high enough. Be sure to stay on the trails and be aware that there is a species of poisonous snake that lives in the area. *


in the center. Filled with people in the evenings, after the day's heat has passed. Mohammed V is filled with dozens of cafes, teleboutiques, restaurants, tourist shops, and street vendors. Further down the street you'll find a used book sellers, offering books in a wide variety of languages, and then the king's palace. Do There is an old Kasbah on the top of the hill overlooking the town, with a good view of the mountains if you have a few hours to kill. Learn * WikiPedia:Tetouan

Puerto Maldonado

Maldonado has a modest zoo complete with local fauna, and at night the place is billed as a night club. Go get trashed with the brown capuchin monkeys at this place. *'''The Obelisk'''. An eight-storey lookout tower that lets you go up for just a few soles. The outside of the obelisk has beautiful sculptures made by a local artist, telling a typical story about the jungle. Once up there you get a good view from the city and the surrounding Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers. *'''Rescue Snake House'''. A little further down the main road from the airport, rescued snake species as well as other reptiles and a rescued blind Margay (little big cat), and small museum. Worth a visit to see these creatures up close and learn a bit about them from the volunteers there. Do *Tambopata reserve *Manu Reserve Tours *Iquitos rainforest The relatively close Tambopata reserve park is famous for its great biodiversity but not even cheap to visit since you need a permit to enter. If you just want to see how jungle looks, you can do that outside the park much cheaper in the Tambopata Candamo Reserved Zone. If you're feeling adventurous and want to explore the surrounding countryside, there are several places in town that rent out motorbikes. There are also several "retreat centers" just outside Puerto Maldonado on Carretera Tambopata, including a yoga center Kapievi at km 1.5 and an animal shelter, Amazon Shelter, at km 11, with many other places to stay in between. This is a great alternative to staying in town, if you have a couple of days to spare, after a lodge stay. Jungle Lodges Many jungle lodges in the surrounding area offer complete tour programs. Some of the available lodges are as follows: *'''Rainforest Expeditions''' Many package deals are done in association with this company, but you can just walk over to their counter on the right hand side of the airport and arrange your own tour there too. You can stay at any of their 3 lodges, Posada Amazonas is the closest to town (about 45 minutes by boat from Infierno), for those who want to experience the jungle without getting in too deep! Associated with the local community, this company does a lot to keep ecotourism 'green' and sustainable. And for those who really want to experience the richness of the forest, you can go right out to the famous TRC research center (about 7 hours by boat from Infierno), home to the largest claylick in the world where you will see amazing displays of parrots and macaws feeding in the mornings and always plenty of animal life around! Hand-raised macaws will even join you for breakfast! Highly recommended for birdwatchers. There is also Refugio Amazonas halfway between the two, the newest lodge and my favorite (I saw a jaguar here). The guides will amaze you with their experience of the forest, and you will leave having had an unforgettable experience. Research Center''' This lodge is located about 1 1 2 hours down the Madre de Dios river, and actually has the highest canopy walkway in South America (42 meters high). Run exclusively by Projects Abroad, you can arrange a day trip to this place. Besides the canopy, they have an animal release program and many other active conservation projects that make this a must see. *'''Bello Horizonte Lodge''' Lodge with a spring fed swimming pool, situated 1 hour from Puerto Maldonado. This lodge has a great view of the jungle below. 100% of its profits go to the children’s homes “San Vincente” and “Principito”. *'''Wasai Tambopata Lodge''' This lodge is located about 4 hours up the Tambopata River. Nice options for those interested to visit the largest macaws' clay lick of the upper Tambopata River. There are no more dwellings upstream from the lodge. The lack of people and the closeness to the Andes produces an abundance of flora and fauna not seen in other areas of the amazon. *'''Wasai Puerto Maldonado Eco Lodge''' The hotel is in the most convenient location on the river bank,offering spectacular views of the Madre de Dios River and the amazon rain forest. *'''Anaconda Lodge''' One of the few pretty lodges that on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by beautiful vegetation. Boasts a swimming pool and a Thai restaurant, and also offers camping. *'''Sandoval Lake Lodge''' This one is very special because it is on the beautiful oxbow Lake Sandoval, and is very comfortably accommodated with hot water, electricity, fabulous meals, and superb guides. Plus, it is only approximately 30 minutes by boat to the 5 km trail which leads to the lake, unlike most of the other lodges which need to be hours away from town in order to see wildlife. Its location on the lake (as opposed to the river) insures excellent wildlife views including the Giant Otter, Black Caimen, about a dozen species of primates, and tremendous avian variety, including the fascinating Hoatzin. *'''Mejia Family Lodge''' If a backpacker's stay is more your style and or budget, try this place. They are located about 1 km from Sandoval Lake Lodge and rent their bungalow style rooms (meals included) considerably cheaper than Sandoval. *'''Cusco Amazonico Lodge''' This one is located downriver on the Madre de Dios at about 12 miles (about 45 minutes). *'''Explorers' Inn''' This lodge is 58km up the Tambopata river from Puerto Maldonado, about 1.5 hours by boat from the community of Infierno. Attractions include the oxbow lake Cocacocha, a short hike from the lodge. *'''Heath River Wildlife center''' This wonderful lodge is in the Heath River in the Bolivian side. Nice options for those interested in macaw clay lick and visit other ecosystem like the savannah. Buy *'''Laundry'''. If your clothes are wet, dirty, and disgusting, and you can't take it any longer, drop by one of the many laundry services in town (there's one on Leon Velarde). They charge by the kilo, but they'll wash all your clothes for a very fair price. *'''Miscellaneous'''. Did you forget something? Camera batteries, perhaps? How about feminine hygiene products, guitar strings, sunblock, or some sugar-coated brazil nuts? No problem. There are dozens of shops up and down Leon Velarde, especially at the river bank (Puerto Tambopata) where you can pick up pretty much anything you would ever need. Eat *'''El Hornito''', in the main Plaza next to the Banco de Credito. It doesn't open until 6:30PM, but this pizzeria is worth the wait. *'''Anaconda Lodge Thai Restaurant''', within the lodge, 15 minutes outside of the city, a few minutes from the airport. Offers wonderful and authentic Thai food as the chef is actually from Thailand! Friendly owners and a swimming pool too. *'''Tu Dulce Espera''', on Leon Velarde between Dos de Mayo and the Plaza de Armas. Open most of the day (except in the hot part of the afternoon, when everything closes), this restaurant is excellent and very cheap. *'''Burger Plaza''', on the southwest corner of the main square. Good quality with very cheap prices. *'''El Tigre''', southeast of the market, this place has the best ceviche in Puerto Maldonado, and is very cheap. If you aren't a ceviche fan, order the chicharron de pescado, served with fried yucca. *'''La Vaca Loca''', right across the street from the main square,Fantastic steak for a great price. Great wine and a great atmosphere. Big "cow oven" inside. Drink *'''Club El Witite'''. There is something about a Peruvian disco that makes South American travel worthwhile. Get completely bombed at this club. Don't stay out too late, though. Taxis get hard to find after midnight, and trying to explain to them where you are staying is pretty tricky after about ten beers, especially if you can't remember the name of your hotel. If this happens, just go back in the club. They stay open until about 5:00 in the morning, anyway. *'''Carambola'''. Another decent club on the street leading up the Capitania port. *'''Ruztika’s'''. The place to try an impressive amount of cocktails with local flavours, and has a beautiful night view of the confluence of the Madre de Dios and Tambopata rivers. Sleep Budget *'''Tambopata Hostel''', Located in the centre of town, you are ideally placed to explore the main areas of Puerto Maldonado. The cleanest hotel I found after having stayed in the region for 3 months (and trying some that were supposedly the best!), really friendly owners, including an ex-guide very knowledgeable about the biodiversity of the area. Facilities include kitchen that you are free to use, and a lounge area with cable tv, and small library with books on the region including local wildlife and plenty of DVDs to watch. You can stay in either a group dorm (30 soles a night) or your own room with double bed (40 soles a night) Beautiful garden, hammock area, clean and simple with a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. Hop into a moto-taxi and if they don't know 'Tambopata Hostel', or 'avenida 26 de deciembre', just ask for the Plaza de Armas (main town square); carry on past the main square on the right hand side, and on reaching the top corner ask the driver to turn right (derecha) and continue up to the last road (avenida 26 de deciembre), turn right and about 10 feet on the right is the hostel. (look for the building with all the little international flags). *'''Brombu's''', Located just outside the airport, this place has a small pool and clean rooms. The people here are absolutely wonderful, and the price is very reasonable. *'''Hotel Bahia''', Between 4 an 6 US$, with or without private bath, some rooms are rather noisy. *'''Hotel Wilson''', Between 4 an 6 US$, with or without private bath, safe and clean. *'''Tambo de Oro''', Between 2-4 US$, without private bath. Safe and clean as you can expect, but this "house of gold" won't offer you much else. Great place if you aren't too picky and are on a budget. Mid-range *'''Anaconda Lodge''', Between 13-32 US$, bungalows with private bathrooms and others with shared bathrooms. Located outside the towncentre so much quieter than other places, and surrounded by a botanical garden. This place has a great swimmingpool and Thai restaurant, and has a very nice vibe. You can also camp in the garden for only 20 sol a night! (about 7 US$) *'''Hotel Wasai''', 30 US$, with private bath, nice place on the Madre de Dios river on the northeast side of town. * WikiPedia:Puerto Maldonado Commons:Puerto Maldonado


is fenced in by a handsome cast iron railing, the northern side faces a concrete wall of the old factory. Peek behind the wall by climbing the tower and a good view of the factory from above can be had. However, those who prefer less dilapidated scenes would be better served by crossing the dam, passing by a collection of traditional-style houses, and climbing Lebyazhka Mountain, where a panoramic view of Nevyansk can be had that includes the tower, cathedral and reservoir in front. * wikipedia:Nevyansk Commons:Category:Nevyansk

Temiskaming Shores

are wanting a good view of the lake and surrounding area, its a must-see. * '''Burnt Island''' - Located in the middle of Lake Temiskaming the island was at one time home to a few farms, but most of which have since been abandoned. Perhaps not the most outstanding tourist destination, it still makes a good boat trip in summer, or a trek across the frozen lake in the winter. * '''Haileybury Heritage Museum''' - Maintained by Chris Oslund, the museum contains an extensive collection of historical objects in relation to the town including old street cars which used to run in between Haileybury and Cobalt. Visitors will find out many interesting facts about Haileybury here such as the fact that it was the former home of the Montreal Canadiens when both Haileybury and Cobalt had an NHL team. * '''Haileybury Beach''' - Alongside the waterfront in Haileybury, there is an enclosed area which includes a layout of docks, well sanded beach, with a giant mushroom spraying water and three parks nearby for small children, and a much larger water slide similar to those in hotels on the far side of the beach. The cost to go to the beach, and use any of the amenities is free to everyone. * '''Farmer's Market''' - Both Haileybury and New Liskeard have Farmer's market which operate through the summer months selling whatever is in season. Despite having a shorter growing season, Northern Ontario supports a substantial agricultural output and visitors should take advantage of the generous prices all to common at markets. The market in New Liskeard is by the Waterfront, as is the market in Haileybury. The one in Haileybury is contained with an elaborate clock tower building which is slightly off-center and is conveniently located directly in between the beach and the marina. * '''Silver Centre''' - The remnants of one of the original mining settlements in Northern Ontario. Highway 567 which leads there passes Silver Centre and continues on to Ragged Chutes also a former mine site. Visitors interested in seeing old mine ruins or a real ghost town will find particular interest in this site, however also of interest is the virtually untapped natural environment which one can go see at their own pace at any time. Currently there are some logging operations on going in the region, and in the winter the road is poor quality at best. * '''New Liskeard Arena & Waterfront''' - Most towns in Northern Ontario make the Arena their community center whether official or not, as is the case for Haileybury, New Liskeard and Dymond. The nearest to professional hockey to be seen played in Temiskaming can be witnessed at the New Liskeard arena. Events such and commemorative matches are fairly frequent so it is good to find out in advance what is going on at the arena when you plan to travel. * '''Empire Theatre''' - Most people accustomed to the conventional multiplex cinemas of larger urban centers will find the theatre located in downtown New Liskeard a bit of an oddity. However, it makes for an interesting activity to break up the itinerary. Usually the theatre plays contemporary films, however it also unveils local films as well, and in the summer it holds over certain films and is capable of reducing ticket costs on both old and new releases to a toonie matinee, with the inclusion of a free drink. Do *


* For a sandwich break, head for the local sandwich dealer to the left of Bab el-Ain gate. Chicken, beef or shrimps sandwiches, with olives, salad and sauces, for 25Dh Drink Alcohol is not readily available but can be found. Mint tea is prevalent (10 Dh the cup). As for the whole of Morocco, avoid tap water for safety concerns, and drink bottled water (6 Dh for a cold 1 lt bottle) or drinks (8 Dh for 1 2 lt coke). Never pay more than 10 Dh for a bottle, even in restaurants. Local breakfast includes milk-coffee (''café con leche'') and pancakes (''baghrir'') with honey and olive oil or butter, for 10-15 Dh. Good places to have breakfast with the locals are the bar on plaza Hauta, in the Medina, and the bar in front of the Gendarmerie Nationale in av. Mohamed V. Sleep thumb 200px A typical doorway (Image:Chefchaouen doorway.jpg) Accommodation can be tight in the peak periods (mid-July to September) so it's advisable to arrive early or book ahead in these periods. A stroll through the medina will reveal dozens of cheap hotels, starting from Dh 40 per night for a single. Many of these hotels have roof


from the stall on St Knuts Torg, near to the excellent Tourist Information office within the Art Museum. *During summer, enjoy a walk by the beach (east of the town). Stop by and grab a beer or ice cream at "Fritidsbaren" and get a good view of the ocean. *North of the town is a beautiful lake and forest area. Several national parks are found within a short drive. *Every other year, Ystad hosts a Tattoo, a must-see if you are interested in music. See the website for more information. *Ystad is the perfect base for exploring south Scania; there's a wealth of places to visit, something for everyone, and the Tourist Information in town is very helpful. * WikiPedia:Ystad Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Skåne_County Localities Ystad Commons:Ystad

Surat Thani

The port area has three main piers, one of which is able to handle medium to large sized container and passenger craft while the others deal with the smaller passenger and dive boats that flit between the islands of Ko Pha Ngan, Ko Samui and Ko Tao, and the mainland ports at Surat Thani and Chumphon, the latter connecting with the daily bus service to Bangkok. Surat Thani A Japanese infantry company from the 1st Battalion of the 143rd Infantry Regiment landed at the coastal village of Ban Don in the early hours of December 8. They marched into Surat Thani, where they were opposed by Royal Thai Police and civilian volunteers. The desultory fighting took place amid a rainstorm, and only ended in the afternoon when the hard-pressed Thais received orders to lay down their arms. The Thais lost 17-18 dead but the injured was not known exactly.


alt has a good view across the harbour and serves cold beers, expect to get hassled by vendors even when you are inside. url email address lat long directions On the Eastern side of the port inlet, it's clearly visible on this small headland phone tollfree fax hours price content * WikiPedia:Mopti Commons:Category:Mopti

Port Blair

. * WikiPedia:Port Blair Dmoz:Regional Asia India Andaman and Nicobar Islands Localities Port Blair Commons:Category:Port Blair

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