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Winston-Salem, North Carolina

, and the thriller storyline highlights a love story with the crazed townsfolk and the sadistic (Sadistic personality disorder) lottery as the backdrop. Director Daniel Sackheim filmed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with a cast that included Keri Russell, Dan Cortese, Veronica Cartwright, Sean Murray (Sean Murray (actor)), Jeff Corey, Salome Jens and M. Emmet Walsh. It was nominated for a 1997 Saturn Award for Best Single Genre Television Presentation


Americans of being part of a Japanese conspiracy to engage in acts of terrorism and espionage. The movie was based on the 1943 best-selling book ''Betrayal from the East: The Inside Story of Japanese Spies in America'' by Alan Hynd. Pearson also appeared as himself in ''City Across the River'' (1949). Many conventions have ''video rooms'' in which genre-related audiovisual presentations take place, typically commercial Hollywood movies, genre television show episodes, and anime

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