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in 1974. Accordingly, most of his screen credits are in British or British-filmed productions. His most prominent role was that of Admiral Motti, the arrogant Imperial officer who is choked by Darth Vader in ''Star Wars (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)'' (1977). His last screen role was in 1992, and from 1988–92, he was also working as a screenwriter for British television. He made his video game voice debut in 2004 in ''Soldiers: Heroes of World War II'' as a narrator. He has also made several appearances at sci-fi conventions. Albania Algeria Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Bahamas (The Bahamas) Barbados Belgium Belize Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Chile Colombia Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Democratic Republic of the Congo Denmark Dominica Dominican Republic Egypt Equatorial Guinea Estonia Finland France Gabon Gambia (The Gambia) Georgia (Georgia (country)) Germany Ghana Grenada Greece Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Iceland Ireland (Republic of Ireland) Israel Italy Jamaica Latvia Lebanon Liberia Libya Lithuania Malta Mauritania Monaco Mexico Morocco Namibia Netherlands Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Panama Peru Poland Portugal Republic of the Congo Romania Russia Saint Kitts & Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent & the Grenadines São Tomé and Príncipe Senegal Sierra Leone Slovenia South Africa Spain Suriname Sweden Syria Togo Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay Venezuela Yugoslavia ''Akrotiri (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Anguilla (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Aruba (NLD (Netherlands))'' ''Bermuda (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Bouvet Island (NOR (Norway))'' ''British Virgin Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Cayman Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Dhekelia (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Faroe Islands (DEN (Denmark))'' ''Falkland Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''French Guiana (FRA (France))'' '' Gibraltar (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Greenland (DEN (Denmark))'' ''Guernsey (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Isle of Man (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Jan Mayen (NOR (Norway))'' ''Jersey (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Montserrat (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Netherlands Antilles (NLD (Netherlands))'' ''Puerto Rico (USA (United States))'' ''Saint Helena (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon) (FRA (France))'' ''South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''Svalbard (NOR (Norway))'' ''Turks and Caicos Islands (UK (United Kingdom))'' ''U.S. Virgin Islands (USA (United States))'' ''Western Sahara'' - Culture The prominence of La Corbière, especially for travellers by sea for whom rounding the rocky waters around the headland often means the roughest part of the journey from Guernsey or England but also the consolation that the boat is entering the final straight towards the harbour of St. Helier, has led to several proverbial expressions in Jèrriais: '''''Enemy At The Door''''' is a British (United Kingdom) television drama series made by London Weekend Television for ITV. The series was shown between 1978 and 1980 and dealt with the German (Nazi Germany) occupation of Guernsey (Occupation of the Channel Islands), one of the Channel Islands, during the Second World War. The programme generated a certain amount of criticism in Guernsey, particularly for being obviously filmed on Jersey despite being ostensibly set on Guernsey. The War In The Channel Isles, W. Ramsey (1981) The series also marked the TV debut of Anthony Head as a member of the island resistance. The theme music was by Wilfred Josephs. ''This page deals with current events in the English-speaking places of Europe. These are England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and Gibraltar.'' style "float: right; margin-left: 3em; margin-bottom: 2em" Background and education Knollys was the son of Sir William Thomas Knollys (1797–1883), of Blount's Court at Rotherfield Peppard in Oxfordshire (see Knollys family (Knollys (family)), and was educated in Guernsey. He entered the Royal Military College Sandhurst in 1851, and was commissioned into the 23rd Foot as an ensign (ensign (rank)) in 1854.

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and Ultron in ''Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow''; Mr. Herriman, the House Manager in ''Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends''; Lord Monkey Fist (List_of_Kim_Possible_characters#Monkey_Fist) on ''Kim Possible''; Professor Utonium and Him in ''The Powerpuff Girls''; and Darwin, Eliza's chimpanzee sidekick in ''The Wild Thornberrys''. He is also a prominent video game voice actor, appearing on numerous titles - from bit parts, to major roles such as Gandalf

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