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in career digs, digs game, solo blocks and total blocks. MSU Volleyball Records (Career) from the Montclair State University website As the ''Constitucionalistas'' successfully seized and held Santo Domingo over the initial days of the uprising, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson ordered an invasion by the U.S. military, dubbed as Operation Power Pack, with the pretext that the lives of American citizens there needed to be protected. A factor that was arguably more involved in the decision was the fear that the ''Constitucionalistas'' would bring about a communist regime in the country, and this risk of "another Cuba" was something that would not be allowed. Some twenty years passed before Caamaño was officially honored by the Dominican government as a hero for his attempts to restore rightful government to his country. Today, there is an avenue in Santo Domingo that bears the name ''Presidente Caamaño'' (the avenue borders the western bank of the Ozama River harbor, near its outlet to the Caribbean sea). Following recommissioning, ''Yankee'' served along the east coast between Chesapeake Bay and the Maine coast training landsmen in the ways of the sea. Early in December 1903, she headed south for winter maneuvers and gunnery drills with the North Atlantic Fleet in the gulf and the Caribbean around Hispaniola. ''Yankee'' served at Santo Domingo to help restore order and to straighten out the country's financial muddle. The launch of USS ''Yankee'' was fired on by rebel troops on February 1, during this time. In response, Theodore Roosevelt sent the protected cruisers USS ''Columbia'' (USS Columbia (C-12)) and USS ''Newark'' (USS Newark (C-1)) which bombarded (Santo Domingo Affair) the city and landed bluejackets and marines on February 11. The '''Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD)''' (Autonomous University of Santo Domingo) is the public university system in the Dominican Republic with its main campus in Santo Domingo and regional centers across the Republic. It was reopened and renamed in 1914, replacing the former Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino, the first university of the Western Hemisphere (Americas), which was founded unofficially by a Papal bull in 1538, officially by royal decree in 1558, and closed in 1832. * Santiago (Santiago, Chile), Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, Chile * Santo Domingo, Las Américas International Airport Jose Francisco Peña Gomez (Las Américas International Airport), Dominican Republic * Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán), Teniente Benjamín Matienzo International Airport, Argentina '''Ramón Jaime Martínez''' (born March 22, 1968, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is a former pitcher in Major League Baseball. He won 135 games over a 13-year career, mostly with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is the older brother of three-time Cy Young Award winner Pedro Martínez, and is currently a senior advisor for Latin America for the Dodgers. birth_date Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic Localities Santo Domingo Wikipedia:Santo Domingo Commons:Category:Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic

her volleyball talents (Volleyball#Skills) led her to be placed among the top five in career digs, digs game, solo blocks and total blocks. MSU Volleyball Records (Career) from the Montclair State University website WikiPedia:Dominican Republic Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic commons:República Dominicana

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