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by Rare employees Tim Stamper (Tim and Chris Stamper) and Mark Betteridge. Stamper worked on the game's graphics and concepts, while Betteridge worked on the game program itself. Most of the ideas behind the game came from Betteridge, who had challenged himself to get the smallest file size for a NES game possible. According to Rare member Brendan Gunn, Betteridge found out how to develop cheap backgrounds that took up little space. After thinking about what and how to move objects


(Turkic (Turkic languages) vs. Turkish (Turkish language), Finnic (Finnic languages) vs. Finnish (Finnish language)). Post-NBA After the end of his NBA career, Bol played 22 games for the Florida Beach Dogs of the Continental Basketball Association during the 1995-1996 season. In 1996, the Portland (Maine) Mountain Cats of the United States Basketball League announced that he would be playing with the team, and included him in the game program, but he never actually appeared

Birmingham, Alabama

-1 home record. Auburn's home record during the eighteen years Aubie served as Cover Tiger was 63-16-2. Aubie's regular appearance on the game program cover ended on October 23, 1976, when Auburn downed Florida State (Florida State University), 31-19, but Aubie returned to Auburn’s cover in the Iron Bowl against the Alabama (University of Alabama) on Nov. 30, 1991, Auburn's last home game at Birmingham's (Birmingham, Alabama) Legion Field. birth_date


to be aired on sister network CTV (CTV Television Network) as its post-game program for early NFL games. James Jr. changed his name to Fuller before he died in Canada in 1911. He was a mining engineer in British Columbia, Canada. While at the Le Roi Gold Mine he died when he drank some cyanide apparently thinking it was just a glass of water. He was 29. Gladys eventually lived in Ryde, Isle of Wight, with her uncle and aunt Michael and Laura (née Withers) Maybrick before

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