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Sisimiut. Unlike in Nuuk, the modern environmentally friendly construction technologies have not yet arrived to Sisimiut, and in 2010 the existing communal-block district remained in a state of partial disrepair. The Qeqqata municipality however is planning the town expansion in the 2010s, with the area north of the Kangerluarsunnguaq Bay reserved for real estate.


such issues as: *Community health care *Vaccinations for children *Waste recycling *Green belts and urban trees *Environmentally friendly construction *Public toilets (These are available throughout the city, are staffed, and well maintained.) *Sewage treatment *Communications *Noise pollution The groundwater is of international standard , and is classified as mineral water. By 2004, the city had established 43 new


International friendly (Exhibition game) - -style "background-color:#CCFFCC" 20 November 14, 2011 Doha, Qatar 2–0 W Jonas (Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira) (2) Thiago Silva (Thiago Silva (footballer)) International friendly (Exhibition game) - Construction of Terminal 3 began in 2004 as next stage of phase 2 of the development, with an estimated cost of around $4.55 billion. Originally planned for completion in 2006, the date

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