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, attractions, events and services. Here can obtain free publications, shop for maps, guidebooks, tourist cards, book local tour programs, accommodation, tickets for different events. Also here is a mall gift shop Climate Siófok is located on a fairly flat area at the south-east end of Balaton. As the north shore is quite hilly the wind usually hits the south coast bringing some random heavy storms usually in late June but other than that the climate is very hot all summer specially in August when the temperature can go up to 35 degrees in Celsius. People who don't like too hot weather can travel to the lake in May when it is not that hot but warm enough to jump in the water and to get suntanned. People Many tourists come to the city every summer (more and more every year). About 60% of the tourists come from Germany and there is a history of German tourism to Lake Balaton. Many school trips take place in the town with students arriving mostly from Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Poland and Slovakia. Get in thumb Musical pavilon in Siófok (File:Zenepavilon Siofok.jpg) By plane There is a small international airport in '''Sármellék''' about an hour away from '''Siófok''' with flights arriving from many European cities especially London, Zürich, Dublin, Stockholm, Berlin and Frankfurt. The town can be connected to many parts of the World by using Budapest's international airports which are circa 150 kilometers from Siófok. By car Siófok can be accessed directly from the '''M7 motorway''' (part of European Routes '''E65''' and '''E71''') or using national route 7, which is passing through the city. By train * WikiPedia:Siófok Commons:Category:Siófok


representative of independent Ukraine to fly space mission was an astronaut within the NASA flight. Info on him and his agency can be found in :Category:Ukrainian space program and :Category:Astronauts. :There are some free publications, like NASA Tech Briefs, which are free to promote NASA funding by gaining publicity. Either we lack an article on that magazine, or I just failed to find it. Here is the subscription site:


of NROTC at UC Berkeley.) She made Singapore under her own power for temporary repairs, then Subic Bay (U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay), Philippines, then San Diego, California for permanent repairs. Publisher '''''HK Magazine''''' is a publication of Asia City Publishing Limited. Established on Feb 10, 1989 in Hong Kong, Asia City Publishing Limited produces free publications. Its former name was Lucky Still Limited until the corporation effectively changed its name to Asia City

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